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 Covid Data - Where and How to Open Multiple Tabs at Once.

August 14 2022 Covid World

69% Vaccinated

64% Fully Vaccinated

30% Additional Doses

August 14 2022​ Covid Canada

Deaths 0.001 with people with underlying conditions

87% Vaccinated 1st Dose 29th in World

84% 2nd Dose 26th in World

61% Additional Doses

Survival Rate 99% (doesn't say with vaccinations or without)

Most Cases = Ontario

Cases % Population = 0.108

August 14 2022​ Covid USA

​Deaths 0.003

79% Vaccinated 1st Dose 52nd in World

67% 2nd Dose 68th in World

32% Additional Doses

Survival Rate 99% (doesn't say with vaccinations or without)

Most Cases = California

Cases % Population = 0.28

February 24 2022 Ukraine (due to war, not updated)


Deaths 0.00253795603

36% 1st Dose 133rd in World

34% 2nd Dose 126th in World

1.7% Additional Doses

Survival Rate 98%

Cases % Population = 11%


Known mRNA Gene Manipulation / Covid Vaccine Side Effects:


Blood Clots

Heart Inflammation Myocarditis

Bell's Palsy



Transverse Myelitis

Immune thrombocytopenia

Cutaneous Vasculitis


- 'Data is power': Experts weigh-in on court-ordered release of Pfizer vaccine documents

- Pfizer Documents Produced by the FDA in FOIA Litigation

6+ pages of mRNA vaccine side effects

- ICAN Pfizer's Documents

Being reported:


Menstrual issues.

Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Hearing Loss.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome


Known Drugs not used to fight Covid-19




Cholesterol Statins

Canadian Vaccine Covid Side Effects

July 22 2022

49921 People
39874 were considered non-serious

10047 were considered serious

USA Vaccine Side Effects

August 5 2022
30162 Post-COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths / 39772 Total VAERS Reported Deaths

172590 Post-COVID Vaccine Reported Hospitalizations/ 255942 Total VAERS Reported Hospitalizations

1379435 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports


BC Gas.

March 4 2022  When gas hit $2

Gas 62% of price.
Taxes 38% of price.

Areas is $2.009 

62% of $2.009 is $1.14 Actual Cost

38% of $2.009 is $0.76 Added Taxes

If we go all electric. How will they make up the fuel $? They will tax your KM usage!!!!!

BC Gas as of Aug 6 2022

High $1.969

Low $1.899

Simple Online Gasoline Calculator

GAS Buddy


Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2021

12% Non Media Meetings

25% Personal Days

21% PhotoOp/Media

28% Private Meetings

03% QP/HOC

11% Campaigning

From Aug 15/21 Writ Dropped to Sep 21/21. 

No official data available.


Flew 54 Times 2021 not including campaigning.

Trudeau's Itinerary Year To Date 2022

As of August 14 2022

15% Non Media Meetings

22% Personal Days

32% PhotoOp/Media

27% Private Meetings

04% QP/HOC

Flying 86 Times

QP/HOC 26/74

List of international prime ministerial trips made by Justin Trudeau


Diversity and Exclusion: Confronting the Campus Free Speech Crisis - Order Now!


Now that Biden (Jan 2021) has officially won.  We are including some of his articles as it relates to Canada.  Because Trudeau and Biden are two peas in a pod.  We tried our best to warn Americans what's in store for them.  All you have to do is look at Canada for the past 5 years.


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Table Of Contents:

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Globe & Mail, Blacklocks, Rebel Media, Epoch Times and Western Standard articles are behind paywalls. Included for reference.

Canadian Information

Keeping Tabs On Parliament OPENPARLIAMENT.CA

- Canada's House Of Commons

- Canada House Of Commons Question Period - Videos

- Stats Canada

- Office Of The Parliamentary Budget Officer

- Canada's Debt Clock by

- Explained: Government Debt

- Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982

- Who backs Canada's Politicians? Follow The Money Here

- CBSA Custom Tariffs 2016

- BC Business Top 100

- BC Land Title And Survey

- Newcomer entrepreneur

- Canadian Government Travel Advisories

- Canadian Citizenship Guide

- Political “Left” and “Right” Properly Defined

- Importing and Exporting Firearms, Weapons and Devices Memorandum D19-13-2

- Commissioner of Canada Elections Charges/Outcomes

- - Public Works and Government Services Canada

- COVID-19: Travel, quarantine and borders

- Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

- Canada Employed Persons

- Police-reported crime severity indexes, 1999 to 2019

- China’s Corporate Social Credit System: How businesses can prepare

- Canada Diagnostic Centres

- Key statistics on Canada’s charity and non-profit sector

- Search Government Travel Expenses

- Currently Listed Terrorist Entities

- Experimental estimates for business openings and closures for Canada, provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas, seasonally adjusted1, 2

- Demographics of Canada

- Section 2(c) – Freedom of peaceful assembly

- Trudeau Causing Disaster Post Election 2019

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- Trudeau Causing Disaster Post Election 2021

Viewed via Dropbox because editor can't handle the length of the post

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- Canada's Foreign Aid

October 19 2015 to present - $62,797,042,715

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date

- Monies Given To UN and Foreign Countries To Date - Part 2

- The United Nations: Aga Khan’s Throne (Part I: Money Laundering) (included for reference. not verified by us)

- IEA - Shaping a secure and sustainable energy future

- The Waste Report

- 1969 White Paper

- Liberals to run $??? B deficit in 2021 with economy poised for stomach-churning plunge: PBO

- SNC Lavalin Scandal

- Dominion Voting Systems Voting System Documentation

- Vaccine safety and possible side effects

Terrorism Compiled

Trudeau Quotes

- Trudeau Scandals

- Everyone Who Disagrees With Me

- Private Members Bill : M-103

- Private Members Bill : M-103 Part 2

- Climate Barbie - Climate Ken - Climate Steve - Combined Links On One Page

-  Catherine McKenna Climate Barbie
(This page was one of the main ones that was screwed up by the editor conversion.  The links are no longer clickable. To make the links clickable again we would have to split the page and relink them one by one which is too time consuming.)

- Catherine McKenna Climate Barbie Page 2 - 2019

- Catherine McKenna Climate Barbie Page 3 - 2019 Post Election

- Jonathan Wilkinson Climate Ken Page 1

- Jonathan Wilkinson Climate Ken Page 2

- Jonathan Wilkinson Climate Ken Page 3

- Jonathan Wilkinson Climate Ken Page 4

- Climate Steve - Page 1


- Justin Trudeau The Groper

- July 4 2017 - Trudeau and Liberals Do A FU to USA - Khadr

- Why The Supreme Court Erred On Khadr!

- Murder Of Marrisa Shen By Syrian Refugee

- Trudeau The Clown

- The road to Canada's COVID-19 outbreak: timeline of federal government failure

- Canadian Political/Public Health advice during the great pandemic of 2020

- Andy Lee - One White Girl's Political Opinion

- Torches And Pitchforks -USA/Canada Blog

- Julius Ruechel Blog

- The Religion Of Peace - Tracking Muslim Jihadist Attacks Since 9/11

- Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer

- Paul Young cpa, cga. -

- Convoy Reports by Rebel News




News Stories 2022 - 

- Feds quietly change rules to allow one-time ArriveCAN exemption at land border crossings
- Tamara Lich: Political Prisoner?

- More than 10,000 Canadians received a medically-assisted death in 2021: report
- 'So very tired': Inside the thoughts of Justin Trudeau’s official jet

- No rooms available, so Vancouver tent city residents scramble to find a home
- More than half of B.C. residents say state of downtown core has declined in last year: poll
- Canada's no-fly list for suspected terrorists survives constitutional challenge by two men trying to get off it
- “Post-apocalyptic scenes": Poor tourist reviews hurt Chinatown businesses
- Canadian Airport Authority rejects “Ban ArriveCan” billboard
- After Ruthlessly Dividing The Nation & Encouraging Unhinged Rage Towards Millions Of Canadians, The Media Is Shocked To Discover Canada Is Divided And Rageful
- Trudeau told cabinet that allies were concerned about Canada's 'ability to handle' convoy protests
- Canada considered jobs, inflation in decision to return Russian turbine: document
- Trudeau government was told of ‘potential for a breakthrough’ with protesters a day before it used Emergencies Act, cabinet documents reveal
- Trudeau government invoked Emergencies Act despite ‘potential for a breakthrough’ with convoy protesters, documents show
- Man who killed his wife and left body in a garbage container gets full parole
- The tyranny of Justin Trudeau has finally been exposed - and by two Brits, no less
- Cabinet heard of potential 'breakthrough' with 'Freedom Convoy' protesters before Emergencies Act was invoked: documents

- 'A tough pill to swallow': More families living in tents, RVs on South Shore
- B.C. cop stalked ex-girlfriend for years using police computers, misconduct probe finds
- Vital agency or unnecessary bureaucracy? B.C.’s $10M department you’ve never heard of
- Sabrina Maddeaux: ArriveCAN's a menace. It needs to be shelved
- Scientists march on Parliament Hill with 60-metre-long open letter demanding pay raises
- Catecholamines Are the Key Trigger of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis: A Compelling Hypothesis Supported by Epidemiological, Anatomopathological, Molecular, and Physiological Findings
- ‘Dehumanizing’: B.C. woman outraged her mother placed in hospital sunroom with no call button
- Across Canada, cities struggle to respond to growing homeless encampments
- Police Officer Ticketing Cyclists in Park Hits Cyclist in Bike Lane with His SUV
- 'Worst in the world': Here are all the rankings in which Canada is now last
- Canada seeks to boost annual foreign aid budget as food security concerns rise, Sajjan says
- Hunter Biden laptop repairman John Paul Mac Isaac says FBI agent threatened him to hush up
- Vancouver hiring lifeguards committed to “decolonization and equity”

- Heavier flow, breakthrough bleeding reported among some individuals after COVID-19 vaccine: study
- LILLEY: Last thing we need to solve health staffing crisis is more highly paid bureaucrats
- 'Waiting for our death': Afghan military lawyers beg Canada for help to escape
- Judge refers Nova Scotia murderer to restorative justice program in provincial first
- 'Red flags' for money laundering raised in B.C. misconduct findings on honorary consul for Ukraine
- Bobacabana is "closing its doors for good" in New West
- Public servants earning over $100K grew by 39,000 last year: Canadian Taxpayers Federation
- Brian Bird: Pierre Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre would have been friends in freedom
- Number of personal bankruptcies in Toronto up by 22.2% in just three months
- LILLEY: Court records show Trudeau brought in vaccine mandates for travel purely based on politics
- Rex Murphy: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh may also be its destroyer
- Party of five: How one Canadian family is coping with the highest inflation in years
- 45,000 more federal bureaucrats receiving six-figure salary than before pandemic
- Trudeau Liberals defend RCMP's frequent use of spyware tools on Canadians
- How Anti-Israel Activists Use And Abuse International Law to Defame Israel: A Fireside Chat with Yifa Segal, International Director of UK Lawyers for Israel
- Globe & Mail Attacks Poilievre On Polio & Vaccine Mandates, While Completely Neglecting To Mention His Legislation Was Specifically Focused On Covid-19

- Multiple arrests following violence with police as tents removed from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
- David Rosenberg: Roof is about to cave in on the Canadian economy
- 2 seniors taken to hospital after break-in attempt near Richmond park
- Canadian tech company Hootsuite laying off 30% of staff
- FIRST READING: The NDP sold out to Trudeau and all they got was some free dental care
- Canadian frigates absent from NATO naval forces for first time since 2014
- GOLDSTEIN: Canadian medicare — high costs, long waits, mediocre outcomes
- LILLEY: Trudeau doesn't like the opposition to his fertilizer plan

- Global tech slump leads to growing number of layoffs in Vancouver
- LILLEY: Canadian energy company building pipelines again, in Mexico
- The open-minded Canada I immigrated to is no more: Full Comment with Anthony Furey
- Suspect already in handcuffs stole Toronto police SUV with two dogs inside
- FUREY: When hospitals can't keep doors open, it's time to fire people
- Vaccine rules lifted for some travellers over others, new evidence shows
- House of Commons transport committee to investigate Pearson’s airport delays
- Ottawa police detective faces misconduct charges for allegedly seeking links between COVID vaccine and child deaths
- Ontario hospitals plan to uphold COVID-19 vaccine policies amid 'crisis' staffing shortages
- Federal Court publishes vaccine mandate trial documents after media report

- Downtown Vancouver machete attack sends four to hospital with life-altering injuries
- VITAL SIGNS OF TROUBLE: Many Ontario nurses fleeing to take U.S. jobs
- GUEST OP-ED: “Virtue science” reigns

- Mom raises red flag over staff shortage at Kingston hospital
- Vancouver police identify discovered body as missing Indigenous woman
- Conrad Black: Pierre Poilievre the man to raise Canada out of its infantile stupor
- Senegalese government says diplomat 'savagely beaten' by Gatineau police
- Police arrest pair who tried to scam $15K from Cambridge senior
- ‘Paycheque to paycheque.’ Inflation is hitting low-income Canadians hard — and its effects are likely to be long-lasting
- GUEST OP-ED: Trudeau delaying his second carbon tax is good news for Canadians

- Massage therapist charged after sexual assault of woman in North York
- Police still investigating officers' donations to Freedom Convoy fundraiser
- LILLEY: Trudeau's latest gun measure more about votes and election posturing than safety
- ‘End of an era’: No buyer means beloved Central Saanich restaurant closing after 43 years
- Swiss Chalet's last remaining BC location is closing soon
- Hate crimes have surged in Canada since the start of the pandemic: StatCan
- Renters are feeling the pinch nationwide. These 5 charts break it down
- Suspect pictures released after stabbing in St. Catharines
- Canada has 22 cases of acute hepatitis in children, all of them hospitalized
- Raymond J. de Souza: Trudeau condescendingly tried to make papal visit all about him
- B.C. 911 dispatch operators plead for more staff amid rising emergency call wait times
- Gatineau man receives conditional discharge after pleading guilty in domestic assault case
- Homicide police identify victims in fatal South Surrey shooting
- Affordable rental units for seniors sitting empty in North Vancouver
- Metrotown stabbing: Two hurt after fight in Burnaby's Station Square
- Trudeau Liberals' ban on handgun imports set to take effect August 19
- Major immigration backlog in Canada leaving thousands of trained health-care professionals on the sidelines
- Canada to temporarily ban import of handguns without approval of Parliament
- Sabrina Maddeaux: The incredibly incompetent Mélanie Joly
- Public Schools Indoctrinate Canadian Students With Transgender Propaganda
- Liberals Bypass Parliament To Ban Handgun Imports
- The legacy media defends Trudeau’s “well-deserved” vacation
- Elderly patients with nowhere else to go are crowding hospitals. How Ontario aims to solve the crisis

- Toronto senior diagnosed with rare disorder after COVID vaccine last summer still waiting for compensation
- More People Should Watch the Hulu Sci-Fi Gem That 'Out Star Treks' Star Trek
- Watch: Dramatic police takedown at Burnaby SkyTrain station captured on video
- Jesse Kline: Does Freeland actually mean it when she says she wants LNG projects?
- Vancouver's mayor says feds and B.C. need to step up funding for homeless people
- Man gets jail, probation after jaywalking with DIY stun gun in Burnaby
- Returning one turbine to Russia 'failed,' Ukraine ambassador says in urging Canada to keep others
- Status of Canadian deal to buy artillery shells for Ukraine is uncertain
- Alleged gangsters named in public safety warning from B.C. police
- Oil shipments propel Canada to sixth consecutive trade surplus
- Man suspected of fatally shooting three people in Montreal killed by police
- Canadian Armed Forces to start training Ukrainian soldiers in U.K.
- Tire-deflating climate activists coming to Vancouver 'soon,' group says
- Suspect in three homicides was released from institution despite 'significant risk'
- Court documents show Trudeau travel mandates were purely political
- YOU SAID IT: Lead by example

- Judicial inquiry into Trudeau’s use of Emergency Powers will cost taxpayers roughly $19 million dollars
- Paladin Security raises B.C. healthcare pay rates to livable wage
- Removal of tents in Downtown Eastside postponed as city attempts to find storage options
- BC overhauls EV rebates after years of the rich drawing public subsidies for luxury vehicles
- Police seize 3D-printed 'ghost guns' in B.C. Interior
- B.C. man convicted of killing pregnant wife granted day parole
- TERRAZZANO: Not all Conservatives oppose second carbon tax — but they should
- In one month, Trudeau used enough fuel to power a trucker convoy

- Trudeau slammed for hypocrisy over celebration of Emancipation Day
- Ukraine president asks gov't to study legalizing same-sex marriages
- Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis

- Dr. Hinshaw sees massive bonus for extra COVID-19 pandemic work
- Prime minister spent all but 11 days last month in the air
- Trudeau leaves Canada for two-week tropical vacation in Costa Rica
- Records show Trudeau is routinely offered portraits of himself as gifts
- Study finds vaccinated people spread COVID for a longer period of time
- WARMINGTON: Eight people wounded in wild west — and east — GTA shootings on long weekend
- Ontario healthcare system on life support: Why are ER wait times so long?
- Trudeau spent more time in the air in July than all of last summer

August 2022

- Activist group claims tires deflated on 34 SUVs in Victoria and Oak Bay
- Trudeau and family head to Costa Rica for 2-week vacation

- Environmental activists are deflating tires on SUVs in Greater Victoria
- Sing Tao, Canada's largest Chinese-language newspaper, to end print edition
- FUREY: It feels like so many things are falling apart in Canada

- 'Grandparent scams' on the rise with more than $2.7 million lost across Canada this year
- NP View: Trudeau ploughs ahead with fertilizer cut, while turning a blind eye to human suffering
- Advice: Eat With Your Hands
- 30 people block RCMP vehicle at northwest B.C. pipeline site as protests continue
- U of T students living in residence will have to be triple vaccinated against COVID-19
- Supreme Court rules condom use can be condition of sexual consent in assault cases
- Comment: The basic health question: Who owns our bodies?
- East Hastings Street tent city still there as deadline to clear it passes
- Former police watchdog head denies directing RCMP not to reveal N.S. shooter's guns
- P.E.I. pub pulls Trudeau's photos after barrage of hate-filled comments 
- WEF proposes using “wind-powered boats” to decarbonize the shipping industry
- Metro Vancouver woman robbed, dragged on street by four men
- Canada’s ambassador to Ukraine working off-site in Kyiv due to security concerns
- Despite PM's 'surprise' photo op, Canada's Kyiv embassy remains shuttered
- Privacy commissioner investigating Trudeau’s ArriveCAN app
- U.S. judge gives Canadian man life in prison for aiding Islamic State

- 'Crisis stage': Food banks in Canada stretched thin amid high inflation, increased demand
- Blair and Lucki offer new details, deny interference in RCMP N.S. mass shooting investigation
- Metro Vancouver gym closes and keeps members' pre-paid fees
- RCMP issue warning after indecent act on Galloping Goose Trail
- Ottawa offers $1,337 apiece for AR-15 rifles under mandatory buyback program
- Mark Rutte calls farmer protests “small” and “unacceptable”
- Airport COVID measures derail Israeli terror survivors’ trip to Canada’s Wonderland
- Franco Terrazzano: Taxpayers shouldn’t pay more for Ottawa's poor performance
- EDITORIAL: Federal Indigenous funding a black hole
- Alberta agriculture minister says Ottawa’s fertilizer reduction target is ‘pulled out of the air’

- Family told autopsy results for 14-year-old who died unexpectedly could take up to a year
- Former NCAA swimmer forced to compete with Lia Thomas details 'extreme discomfort' in the locker room
- Family told autopsy results for 14-year-old who died unexpectedly could take up to a year
- A huge Canadian tech company just cut thousands of jobs in Toronto
- Royal Bank ordered to reveal who's behind 97 offshore accounts
- 'It's a mess': Why Vancouver council meetings are seen by some as the most inefficient in Canada
- B.C.'s 2nd-ever active shooter alert was sent during the Langley attacks. Why no alerts for other shootings?
- City of New Westminster gains $26 million from selling low-carbon credits
- VPD gang investigation yields major seizure of cash and drugs
- "I called back in tears": Injured Vancouver woman shares struggles with 911 response
- Freedom Convoy Organizer Tamara Lich Released on Bail Again
- Ethics committee votes to investigate whether RCMP spied on MPs
- Jordan Peterson: Worst is yet to come from Trudeau Liberals
- Police Had Funding Blacklist
- Canadian federal bank tracked customers supporting Freedom Convoy: internal documents
- WARMINGTON: Hospitals confirm deaths of four physicians but deny vaccine-related

- Nanaimo judge finds man not guilty of cocaine importation, trafficking
- Lions Gate patient who died in ER got 'significant care': B.C. health minister
- Convoy organizer Tamara Lich again granted bail
- Crime spree spans View Royal, Sooke, Ucluelet, Port Alberni
- Gulf Islands ferry cancellations linked to lack of affordable housing for ferry workers
- ArriveCan app non-compliance causing headaches for understaffed border officers
- CBC salaries include 125 senior directors earning up to $186,000 each
- Sport Canada was aware of Hockey Canada allegations in 2018, but didn’t tell minister
- U.S. to sell additional 20M barrels of oil from strategic reserve
- 'Freedom Convoy' organizer Tamara Lich freed on bail for second time
- Ex-Liberal MP accused of using office for personal gain sees trial extended to fall
- 'Enough is enough,' Tamara Lich's lawyers tell fifth judge in arguing release

- Huang's Beef Noodle: Long-time restaurant closed after more than 25 years
- Four victims shot in Langley, B.C., over six-hour period: RCMP
- Canadian Cities Have Seen Investors Buy Up To 100% of Newly Constructed Condos
- Man arrested after 'crime spree' across southern Vancouver Island
- Alleged night-prowler in east-end Toronto neighbourhoods charged again
- Fire department orders removal of tents, structures from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
- With ERs on the brink, doctors explain what patients should consider before they go
- B.C. man watches luggage go on whirlwind European tour without him courtesy of AirTags
- 3 dead including suspect in string of shootings in Langley, B.C.: Shooter’s identity released
- Top British Communist appointed to WHO Chair
- Rex Murphy: Food and energy — the Liberal government's attack on life's essentials
- WEF calls for an end to private car ownership
- EDITORIAL: It's time to cool down Canada's climate zealotry
- Diane Francis: Justin Trudeau is letting down Canadians (and doesn't seem to care)
- CBC employees earned $30 million in Covid bonuses during pandemic

- Tears galore as popular Kitsilano diner serves up its final meals, Nelly's forced to close due to rent increase
- Roadside incident leaves one man dead after police-involved shooting in Nanaimo
- EDITORIAL: Things are a mess -- Trudeau needs to get to work

- GUNTER: The truth about electric vehicle numbers in Canada
- Catherine McKenna Reveals The True Liberal Agenda Behind Social Media ‘Regulation’: Silencing Their Opponents
- GOLDSTEIN: Stop taking Trudeau’s farcical climate targets seriously
- GUNTER: The truth about electric vehicle numbers in Canada
- Vindication: Pastor Artur Pawlowski on His Massive Court of Appeal Victory
- EDITORIAL: Lack of pipelines costing us billions
- Russian attack kills Canadian, two Americans and Swede in eastern Ukraine: report
- Barbara Kay: The once mighty Amnesty International has sunk to irrelevancy
- Canadian Mortgage Debt Tops $2 Trillion, Likely To Soon Eclipse Size of GDP
- Canada Set Up To Be Worst-Performing Western Economy For Decades

- Trudeau says sports organizations have work to do to restore Canadians' trust
- Calgary preacher's Artur and Dawid Pawlowski public gathering violation conviction set aside, fine reimbursed
- Canada working to help move grain from Ukraine, but faith in Russia ‘nil,’ says Trudeau
- CBC paid $30 million in bonuses during first two years of COVID-19 pandemic
- Trudeau pushes ahead on fertilizer reduction as provinces and farmers cry foul
- FIRST READING: Is Ottawa trying to cover up Trudeau’s embarrassing flight habits?
- Up to 40% of people arriving at Windsor border don't have ArriveCAN filled out: CBSA union
- Police patrolling Superstore locations in Halifax has some customers concerned
- LA highway heist: Thieves make off with millions in gems, gold
- ATM stolen from building, police investigating
- Ottawa admits some travellers were incorrectly told to quarantine due to ArriveCAN app glitch
- Nowhere to live: Rents in Canada surge as home prices fall
- B.C. Ferries fires president and CEO after 173 cancelled sailings in 28 days
- Inmate escapes Port Coquitlam pre-trial facility, considered 'dangerous'
- Old age security to rise 10 per cent for Canadians 75 and older
- These airports are the world's worst for delays and cancellations this summer
- Rex Murphy: Jagmeet Singh's perplexing support for a government he seems to despise
- Trudeau pushes ahead on fertilizer reduction as provinces and farmers cry foul
- BREAKING: Pastor Art Pawlowksi’s contempt conviction set aside on appeal
- Police search for accused murderer and 2 alleged accomplices after escape from B.C. jail
- A moment of laughter: Politician's catching Covid after claiming the vaccines stop transmission.
- Flight-tracking enthusiasts set up Twitter account to track PM’s plane

- Ottawa asks FAA to block military planes — including PM and GG flights — from flight trackers
- Over $500K raised for pizza delivery man who saved 5 from burning house
- ALLRED: The West wants out!
- 6 Degrees Eatery closes in Vancouver's Coal Harbour
- 'You give up a lot': B.C. real estate market forces Langley family to relocate to buy a home
- Rogers replaces chief technology officer in wake of nationwide outage
- Man wants answers after wife released from ER with stroke symptoms
- Rapper wants justice after Ottawa police 'tore house apart' in failed no-knock raid
- Medical schools in Ontario didn't want her. So this aspiring family doctor is training in the U.S.
- Sri Lanka implements QR code digital ID fuel rationing
- Fully vaccinated senior ordered into 14-day quarantine for not using ArriveCAN
- Piedmont saw its official homeless count spike. Now its unsheltered residents are nowhere to be found
- 2 Windsor, Ont., residents charged with being 'leaders' in Ambassador Bridge blockade, police say
- Income of over $220,000 needed to buy home in Vancouver, Toronto: new data
- Rex Murphy: The appealing ordinariness of Pierre Poilievre
- Ottawa asks FAA to block military planes — including PM and GG flights — from flight trackers
- Joe Rogan destroys ‘creepy dictator’ Justin Trudeau

- Vancouver City Council greenlights up to $700,000 on lawsuit against oil firms
- Canadian military looking at blocking real-time tracking of flights, including PM’s plane
- Only 1 out of 65 childcare providers in Waterloo region have signed on to $10-a-day plan
- Speculation and vacancy tax will help housing affordability in new communities
- Fake cop conducts fraudulent traffic stop in North Vancouver: RCMP
- Lessons on inflation and rates from the 21.25% mortgages and 19.5% Canada Savings Bonds of 1981
- Five things to know about the turbine controversy between Canada and Ukraine
- Buyers of pre-construction townhomes in Mississauga hit with 6-figure closing costs
- Serial Richmond thief “sick to his stomach” after admitting breaking into multiple condo towers
- Canada Child Benefit Is Getting Another Boost & Families Can Get Up To $6,833 Per Year
- Inflation Rises Again, As Canadians Continue To Pay The Price For The Liberal Agenda
- Business booms for coffin manufacturer
- High Inflation Makes Trudeau’s Spending Habits Harder to Justify
- Catholic nurse had right to Covid shot exemption: Ontario arbitrator
- Trudeau's Harrington Lake beer fridge cost the taxpayer $4000
- Karamveer Lalh: Our obsession with 'wokeness' is poisoning our politics
- Reporters banned from asking questions at Trudeau event
- Wads of cash. ‘Relentless’ pressure. Infighting at Unifor. Leaked investigation findings reveal new details of Jerry Dias scandal
- Canada inflation hits 8.1 per cent year over year in June
- LILLEY: Trudeau still won't act as inflation hits another 40-year record
- China orders 300 million more tonnes of coal to be mined a year
- Man back in custody in connection with woman, toddler knocked over in Chinatown

- ‘Tamara Lich is an enemy of the state’ (feat. Ari Goldkind)
- Soaring rents price out some Canadians
- Nova Scotia mass killer accumulated cash through 'illegitimate or suspicious' means
- Tenants face displacement after Vancouver Island RV park more than doubles rent
- Patient lying on Drayton Valley hospital ER floor prompts call for change
- Woman dies of heart attack in Ashcroft, B.C. after ER closed, ambulance unavailable
- The New York Times published a piece titled "Turbulence on the Ground at Toronto's Pearson Airport" on Saturday
- Vancouver Police investigation leads to charges in Yaletown homicide
- John Williamson: High gas prices have been the plan all along  
- Indigo won't put a book about the Freedom Convoy in stores, despite it being a bestseller
- Trudeau, one of the only Western leaders to mandate masks on trains, spotted maskless on train
- 'Completely dropped the ball': Transport Canada's endless delays ground pilots
- Bestselling book about Freedom Convoy kept off shelves at Indigo

- Vancouver councillor wants city to allocate $600,000 toward class-action lawsuit against Big Oil
- Hundreds of BC Ferries employees out sick at any given time, company says after latest cancellations
- Doctors say health system has ‘collapsed’ as patient surges fuel ER closures
- Closed and closing soon: 5 Vancouver restaurants to say goodbye to
- Man threatened to stab fast food worker over $2.90 slice of pizza: VPD
- Richmond rental rates among top three in Canada last month
- Johnny Rockets has closed locations, paused operations in Canada
- 'We will truly miss seeing you': Kitsilano restaurant closing after over 30 years of breakfasts
- Police, mall heap praise on armed man who stopped Indiana mass shooting despite mall's policy against guns
- What we know about the armed civilian who killed Greenwood gunman
- Tamara Lich paying the price for humiliating the government
- ArriveCan ‘glitch’ ordering vaccinated Canadians into quarantine without reason
- (fake news) Trudeau's muted trip to Kelowna a Liberal success
- Elderly man threatened with $5K fine at Pearson Airport over ArriveCAN app (VIDEO)

- New GST rates to come into effect from Monday: Complete list of items set to get dearer

- Germany's Scholz says switch back to coal and oil 'temporary'
- Trudeau greets crowds at Junior Carnival parade in Scarborough
- Incarcerated transgender woman Demi Minor impregnates two inmates at NJ prison
- Veteran nurse shares why some are leaving patient care
- Chris Selley: Steven Guilbeault's train in vain
- Trudeau hops out of brewery appearance after protestors gather outside

- Vancouver police release photo of suspect after another senior scammed out of $10,000
- Quarterly federal carbon price rebates appear in bank accounts with vague labels
- Ottawa should stay out of food labelling business
- B.C. nurse loses licence for 6 months after helping create fake vaccine cards
- G20: Canada claims Russian delegation are personally responsible for ‘war crimes’ in Ukraine
- Refugee family claims Canadian tax dollars are being wasted on overpriced temporary home
- Alberta NDP promoted MLA one month after he breached provincial vaccine records
- Gwyn Morgan: The disastrous consequences of the green movement
- PETITION: Save Jose Alba — drop the murder charges against bodega clerk who defended himself
- 25 arrested, $1.7M in drugs seized in Ontario-wide drug trafficking investigation
- Majority Of Canadians Disapprove Of Trudeau, See Him As Divisive
- Stunning official Canadian data show vaccines now RAISE the risk of death from Covid
- Trudeau event at brewery cancelled as apparent convoy protesters set up outside
- JOE ROGAN: Canadians gotta get rid of 'f*cking dictator' Trudeau
- ‘They’re F*cked’: Joe Rogan Says Canada has Gone ‘Communist’, Rips ‘Gross’ Trudeau as ‘Dictator’
- Opinion: A $100-million hummingbird nest and other Trans Mountain absurdities
- Canadian Taxpayer Federation says Trudeau carbon tax rebates won’t offset the cost
- Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau on a hot tin roof
- Edmonton church, pastor fined $80K after obstructing COVID-19 health inspection
- Canada restricts import of chicken, eggs from a number of U.S. states

- BATRA’S BURNING QUESTION: What is Justin Trudeau doing right? Interest and inflation are rising.
- Government of Canada is re-establishing mandatory random testing offsite of airports for air travellers
- Health Canada approves first COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 5
- Severe allergic reactions potential side effect of Novavax COVID vaccine: EU
- Health Canada approves Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine as first for youngest kids
- Seniors being tricked by scammers pretending to be police: VPD
- Union’s case against Coca Cola’s mandatory vaccination policy dismissed, again
- Median rent in Vancouver reaches new record for a one-bedroom apartment
- Toronto man wanted after allegedly choking, punching woman and possessing a handgun: police
- Twitter finally bans group that encouraged harassment of Supreme Court Justices
- BREAKING: Tamara Lich reportedly to be held in jail until at least July 25
- FIRST READING: Canada's chronic inability to keep its most dangerous citizens behind bars
- Ripudaman Singh Malik, acquitted in Air India bombing, killed in Surrey
- 'Tough' 6-12 months ahead for Canadians amid inflation, rate hikes: expert
- Court documents detail RCMP hacking investigation into Alberta politician Thomas Dang
- Over 60% of Canadians say Trudeau is divisive, many want him to resign
- Health Canada approves COVID vaccines for babies
- Leaked internal video shows Starbucks CEO blaming local government for crime shutting down 16 stores: 'America has become unsafe'

- Punched 7 times in the face - Vancouver mom outraged after daughter attacked
- 'A very difficult decision': PM Trudeau defends returning Russia-Germany pipeline turbines
- Median income of people living in four major Ontario cities revealed
- LILLEY: Trudeau fiddles while economy burns amid rising inflation, interest rates
- 'Very difficult decision' to return turbine for Russian pipeline -Canada's Trudeau
- More price hikes coming to Canadian grocery stores this fall, food suppliers say
- Guilbeault's cross-country climate train tour derailed by lack of service

- Canadian military breaks with tradition, changes dress codes
- The impossible green dream
- Charter not violated in denying transplant to patient who refused COVID-19 vaccine, court rules
- KRAYDEN: Mainstream media created Stampede story to inflate Trudeau's ego
- Exclusive — Donald Trump on Joe Biden Selling U.S. Oil Reserves to Chinese Company Linked to Son Hunter: ‘Terrible’
- ‘File Shuffling’ Cost Millions
- Report: W.H.O. Guidance Claims ‘Sex Not Limited to Male or Female’
- Opinion: Canada’s economy is decapitalizing
- Pierre Poilievre: Canadians' trust in the news media has reached an all-time low

- Canadian charities hit by double whammy of rising costs, more demand
- Man in his 50s comes from the U.S. to meet girl at Nanaimo park, RCMP investigating
- EDITORIAL: We should scrap the app, not make it permanent
- Canadian health care on ‘brink of disaster,’ nurses say
- U.S. man ordered to leave Canada after potential child-luring incident in Nanaimo
- Tamara Lich’s imprisonment is an affront to justice
- Adam Zivo: Liberals mock sanctions, enable reliance on Russian gas
- LILLEY UNLEASHED: Farmers revolt in Holland, will Canadian farmers be next?
- Conservatives call on privacy watchdog to investigate convoy account freezing

- (fake news was not mobbed, private liberal function offsite) Prime Minister mobbed by admirers at Stampede pancake breakfast
- Trudeau references Ukraine, inflation at Calgary Stampede pancake breakfast
- OPINION: High gas prices hurting? That’s exactly what Trudeau wants
- Teen monsters laughed as they beat elderly man to death
- Bergen takes aim at the legacy media during Calgary Stampede
- The Unconscionable Persecution of Tamara Lich

- With P.E.I.'s inflation rate the highest in Canada, what should happen to the minimum wage?
- MUST WATCH: Angry Canadians heckle Justin Trudeau, call him a ‘communist pig’
- GUNTER: The problem with the Canadian Armed Force's new dress code
- Liberal links to the political persecution of Tamara Lich
- US cruise ships using Canada as a ‘toilet bowl’ for polluted waste
- Moiz Karimjee Assistant Crown Attorney Attorney General - Lich Prosecutor
- BUSTED! Is Mayor Patrick Brown using City of Brampton employees for work on CPC leadership campaign?
- Canada's public service is collapsing. Let us count the ways
- Any and all records of adverse events/injuries from the sars cov-2/covid 19 vaccines that are being administered in British Columbia.
- The Dutch people are rising up to protest destructive WEF climate law. We are going to share their story with the world.
- Canada to use traditional spelling of 'Turkiye' following UN move
- Police looking for boy alleged to have sexually assaulted two women on public trail in 24-hour span

- Trudeau’s nitrogen policy will decimate Canadian farming
- Watch: Greenwald Slams Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup As "Biggest Media Fraud" In A Decade
- Rex Murphy: Liberal ineptitude reaches a new low with the great passport drought
- Surrey woman hurt after shots fired at Fleetwood home
- Wanted man poses public safety risk, Vancouver police warn
- VPD searches for man wanted Canada-wide
- More than 40,000 jobs lost in June: Statistics Canada
- Rogers outage: Telecom says it’s ‘fully engaged’ to fix issues; Fido, Interac customers also impacted by network outages
- Trump praises ‘great man and leader’ Abe after assassination
- Montreal bail hearing on sex charge for Peter Nygard delayed by Rogers outage
- BREAKING: Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich DENIED bail
- Tamara Lich denied request for bail
- Haiti Did Not Vaccinate Its Citizens, The Current Vax Rate is 1.4% — Yet Country Has One of Lowest COVID Death Rates in the World — Weird, Huh?
- Elon Musk terminates $44 billion Twitter acquisition deal
- Business community taking massive hit due to Rogers outage
Trudeau’s nitrogen policy will decimate Canadian farming
- Liberals want perpetual government assistance for legacy media
- EU Declares Fossil Fuel To Be “Green” Energy As ‘Climate Change’ Narrative Self-Destructs
- John Ivison: The rot in Canada’s dysfunctional government is coming from the top

- Toronto homeowners can now legally build apartment suites in their backyard
- Taxpayers billed $1.6 billion in overtime for federal workers between 2019-2021
- Vancouver has a new tent city. This time it’s in the street, not a park
- Barrie man arrested twice in less than 24 hours
- All the Vancouver restaurant closures so far in 2022
- Quebec tourist waited a week for emergency surgery after B.C. doctor refused to operate over billing
- Canadian swimmer says she was drugged at world championship event
- Wet'suwet'en leader charged with criminal contempt over Coastal GasLink pipeline blockade
- Nova Scotia mass shooting: Public inquiry issues RCMP new subpoena for information
- Rex Murphy: The Liberals are out to lunch on high gas prices
- Franco Terrazzano: Nothing prudent about Trudeau government’s budgeting
- Two men injured in overnight shootings on Toronto highways
- CFB Borden-based military officer faces life in prison for anti-vaccine speech

- This article is included because it shows the Media really are biased.  Guilt by association only applies to Conservatives.
- How close is too close to the far-right? Why some experts are worried about Canada’s MPs

- Woman injured in random attack at TTC's Kipling Station
- Canada to send 39 London, Ont.-made armoured vehicles to Ukraine to help war efforts
- Top Democrats, Staffers Fume Over White House's Chaotic Impotence
- Elon Musk slams Twitter over Jordan Peterson 'deadnaming' suspension
- EDITORIAL: Liberal nobodies cower before Trudeau
- Tucker Carlson calls to impeach Biden after release of millions of barrels of oil from Strategic Energy Reserves for export to China, India and Europe
- 'Free Jose Alba,' New Yorkers up in arms as DA Alvin Bragg charges bodega worker for murder
- Biden Admin Sold Nearly 1 Million Barrels Of Oil To Chinese State-Owned Company Tied To Hunter Biden
- Assembly of First Nations chiefs vote for financial audit at its annual gathering
- Feds threaten to fine Canadian travellers for not using ArriveCAN app
- LILLEY: Dutch farmer protest sparked by policy Trudeau wants for Canada
- Poilievre slams Global News as “Liberal mouthpiece” over biased reporting
- Woman taken to hospital after another apparent random attack at Toronto transit station

- RCMP says Coastal GasLink contractor injured by lone man blocking Lamprey Creek bridge
- Nearly half the police department in Nelson, B.C. under investigation: sources
- American burger chain leaves Western Canada after closing all its Vancouver locations
- Canada to throw out 13.6 million doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine
- FIRST READING: Everyone's blaming Ottawa for tourism still being a disaster
- Deaths with unknown causes now Alberta's top killer: province
- EXPOSED: Canadian claiming to be fighting in Ukraine revealed as fraud
- Would Censor Political Posts
- Looking Like Trump Was Right: Report Says Hunter Biden Under Fed Surveillance for China Ties
- Posthaste: 'Forever renters:' Nine million Canadians have given up on homeownership
- Dutch farmers protest across the country in response to proposed environmental laws
- WATCH: In Condescending & Elitist Remarks, Chrystia Freeland Makes It Clear The Liberals Want Higher & Higher Fuel Prices
- Trudeau and Rutte ‘golden pin-up boys’ for World Economic Forum: Rowan Dean
- Liberal Government Now Looking At Regulating “Private Communications”
- James Topp says he'll continue his anti-vaccine mandate march to Newfoundland
- Lich crown prosecutor donated $17K to Liberals, attended Trudeau fundraiser
- Timothy Denton: Our government is censoring us, and with Bill C-11 it will get worse

- LILLEY: Customs backlog at Pearson declared a fire hazard but Trudeau government buries head in the sand
- Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly won't shake Sergey Lavrov's hand at G20
- More than half of Canada's AstraZeneca vaccine doses expired, will be thrown out
- Randy Hillier’s daughter Chelsea Hillier ordered to pay $97,000 for defamatory tweets
- Pat King involved in early Freedom Convoy protest planning, court documents show
- William Watson: Airports, passports and now productivity
- Bank of Canada's rapid rate hikes likely to cause recession, study finds
- 52 shot in New York City over July 4 weekend
- Homicide investigation underway after woman set on fire at Kipling Station dies of injuries
- GUNTER: Lich being persecuted, not prosecuted
- Canadian mountain no longer named for Nazi collaborator thanks to father and son
- N.B. woman shocked at four-year wait time to see dermatologist
- Court martial planned for soldier who criticized vaccine mandates, led march to Ottawa
- More than 100 WestJet employees suing company over vaccine mandates
- LILLEY: Feds allow illegal immigration to flourish while the legal system fails
- Global News journalist smears Pierre Poilievre and James Topp
- ‘All Going Down The Drain’: 100-Year-Old WWII Veteran Breaks Down In Tears, Issues Warning To Americans

- TERRAZZANO: Each Canadian owes $56,000 in government debt
- 'TWO DOSES ARE NO LONGER ENOUGH': Canadians required to get COVID shot every nine months
- Canadian commandos to get new pistol but exact type is secret — except for anyone with access to the internet
- Trudeau government to ship Roxham Road illegal border crossers to Ontario
- Some emergency rooms across Canada shutting down amid staff shortages
- Police on the lookout for man accused of indecent exposure... but what if it was just Pride?
- Expert sees similarities between botched B.C. bank robbery and 1997 North Hollywood shootout
- Man who allegedly exposed himself to mother, two young children in Richmond Hill wanted
- The Most Patriotic and Accomplished President in Modern Times

- One of two suspects killed in bank robbery was rejected from Canadian Armed Forces

- Hunter Biden’s laptop had contacts for Google execs, US officials for China policy
- Some emergency rooms across Canada shutting down amid staff shortages
- 'Everyone is broke’: Popular Vancouver Diner announces it is closing down
- McDonald's Canada to end 'free hot drink' stickers on cups
- Twin brothers identified as armed bank robbers killed by police in Saanich, B.C.
- KRAYDEN: Chris Scott calls Trudeau “spoiled brat,” says he knows why Tamara Lich rearrested
- Chicago 4th of July weekend violence begins with 22 people shot, 4 fatally, in 20 hours
- B.C. 911 operators forced to work more overtime than ever before due to 'critical' labour shortage
- 22-year-old twin brothers identified as Saanich bank shooting suspects
- GOLDSTEIN: PM’s carbon taxes disconnected from reality

- Twitter ‘Silenced’ Physicians Who Posted Truthful Information About COVID, Lawsuit Alleges
- Canadian flag represents promise of a better life, Trudeau says in Canada Day message
- SHOCKING: Altercation occurs between individuals and police near War Memorial
- Ottawa Police Arrest Four People Amid Protests
- Inside the chaos of the Assembly of First Nations national chief's office
- The J6 Show Trial Is Lying About Election ‘Fraud’
- Jordan Peterson: I’d Rather Die Than Delete Truthful Tweet For Cancel Creeps
- 93-Year-Old Man Gets Fed Up After Repeated Break-Ins, Grabs His Shotgun and Makes Intruder Pay
- Under pressure: Canadians are losing trust in their governments, adding stress to our public institutions
- WATCH: Stephen Harper’s 2015 Canada Day vs Trudeau’s 2022 Canada Day
- The misery of waiting overnight in line in hopes of getting a passport
- ‘Up Yours, Woke Moralists’: Jordan Peterson Responds To Twitter Ban After Comments About Trans Actress Elliot Page

July 2022

- U.S. Supreme Court limits federal power to curb carbon emissions
- Air Canada cancels 154 flights a day this summer amid 'unprecedented and unforeseen strains'
- Canada will be at G20 summit this fall even if Putin attends: Trudeau
- Royal Canadian Navy relieves Pacific fleet ship commander for 'inappropriate conduct'
- More Canadian troops headed to Latvia, Trudeau says at NATO summit
- Cruiser 'riddled with bullet holes' after shots fired at officers: Penticton RCMP
- A two-bedroom in Richmond listed for $3,000/month has would-be renter fuming
- BREAKING: Tamara Lich to remain behind bars until July 5
- Ottawa must act fast to avoid another economic catastrophe
- CRTC Ruling Signals How Bill C-11 Could Be Used To Regulate Internet Content
- James Topp leads crowd at the National War Memorial in singing O Canada
- New clean fuel regulations to raise gas prices, affect low-income Canadians most
- What the hell has happened to Parliament Hill?
- Woman with 'full goatee' has gone missing in Toronto: police
- Pierre Poilievre joins James Topp on march into Ottawa

- Top N.S. Mountie wanted an officer dismissed for sexual misconduct — but Commissioner Lucki disagreed
- Health-care workers sue province, top doctor over mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, testing
- CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Pearson Airport chaos-good luck finding your bag!
- EDITORIAL: Federal services collapsing under Trudeau
- OPINION: As doctors, we say Canada's federal COVID-19 policies need to go
- All speech to be monitored and approved by police in Ottawa
- LILLEY: Do you believe RCMP members or the weasel words of denial from politicians?
- Affordability expected to get worse for renters in Vancouver this summer
- B.C. old-growth forest protesters to stop blocking roads, group says
- Trudeau to send another $350 million to Ukraine
- MORE LIES: Cassidy Hutchinson ALSO Lied about Handwritten Note in Testimony — And Liz Cheney KNEW IT WAS A FALSE because the Actual Author of the Note Testified It Was His!
- Big Tech banned claims vaccinated could spread Covid. Now the government admits it was “hope” not “science”
- Border restrictions to enter Canada extended until at least Sept. 30
- RCMP admits to remotely turning on phone cameras, mics of criminal suspects
- Justice Centre statement regarding Tamara Lich
- Teen Who Had Double Mastectomy Regrets ‘Gender Journey’
- RCMP admits they hack Canadians’ devices to spy on them
- Dangerous and Ineffective: Experimental Pfizer Vaccine Causes Nearly FIVE “SERIOUS Adverse Events” Per Every ONE Person it Kept From Being Hospitalized with Covid, Study Finds
- John Ivison: Transport minister thinks he's done all he can to alleviate airport chaos. He's wrong
- EDITORIAL: Federal services collapsing under Trudeau

- Do the Liberals really have a 'National Apology Advisory Committee'?
- Surrey RCMP seizes gun, cash and drugs
- LILLEY: Trudeau talks a lot on the world stage but says nothing and has no one listening
- Surrey RCMP investigation into stolen vehicle leads to drugs, cash, handgun
- B.C. Premier John Horgan to step down before next election
- ArriveCan app could have use beyond pandemic, public safety minister says
- Who’s Still Buying Fossil Fuels From Russia?
- Lucki cited ‘pressures’ from Blair amid Nova Scotia shooting probe: RCMP official
- Egypt: ‘Extremist’ Muslim tries to kill Christian woman by cutting her neck with a sickle
- Canada pledges more aid and loans to Ukraine as G7 targets Russian oil
- Letter to RCMP Commissioner Lucki rebuked her for trying to influence messaging after mass murders
- Government of Canada agrees to release Cabinet documents to the Public Order Emergency Commission
- Liberals waive cabinet confidence for Emergencies Act evidence
- Lawsuits Pile Up Against BC COVID-19 Mandates
- Socialite sex 'monster' Ghislaine Maxwell jailed 20 years
- LILLEY: Tamara Lich nabbed for breach of bail while repeat violent offenders use revolving door of court system
- 6 officers injured in shooting at Saanich, B.C. bank, 2 suspects killed
- RCMP official: Lucki claimed direct pressure from federal minister to name guns
- Six injured in late-night Scarborough shooting
- 2nd RCMP staffer suggests commissioner under political pressure after N.S. mass shooting
- RATH: Tamara Lich is a political prisoner once again
- Emergencies Act inquiry to 'shortly' receive cabinet documents from Liberal government
- Skyrocketing house prices force Okanagan family to leave B.C. for Alberta

- GOLDSTEIN: Record spending isn’t helping Canada’s Indigenous people
- Kelly McParland: Trudeau can't be taken at his word on Brenda Lucki scandal
- More Warnings that Biden Is Hiding His Plans to Steal the 2022 Midterm Election
- Joe Biden unwittingly helped finance Hunter's trysts with Russia-linked escorts
- Joe Oliver: Lament for a misgoverned nation
- LILLEY: Trudeau appointing cabinet committee to fix passport issues laughable
- The CRA is asking more than a million Canadians to pay back their CERB. We spoke to three to find out why that’s tough
- Crop inventory to reach “record low level” by end of year: Agriculture Canada
- FUREY: How many Liberal ministers does it take to change a light bulb?
- Netflix, YouTube preferred choice over CBC for Canadians
- LILLEY UNLEASHED: How many Trudeau cabinet ministers does it take to issue a passport?
- Voicemail indicates Joe Biden knew of Hunter deals with ‘spy chief of China’
- John Ivison: The benefit of the doubt deserts Justin Trudeau
- Nova Scotia mass shooting: Rebel News heading to Halifax to report on Trudeau-RCMP scandal
- Liberal MP falls for fake Freedom Convoy account, gets called out by Poilievre
- Tamara Lich arrested in Medicine Hat

- Special Guest Journalist Andy Lee Reveals The Truth Behind Rapid Tests & Live Q&A
- This is how much money you need to make to live alone in Richmond
- Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson mock bare-chested horseback riding Putin at G7
- Canada pledges funds as G-7 develops response to famine fallout from Russian invasion
- New B.C. sales tax rules go into effect July 1 for online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay
- Canadian special forces operating in Ukraine, New York Times reports
- Liberal MP apologizes for spreading misinformation on Canada Day protests
- Unvaccinated children have high natural immunity to COVID, says Israeli study

- MORGAN: Legacy media running interference for Trudeau on the breaking RCMP scandal
- Taxpayers billed $3.1 million for study on how to plant trees
- Thousands of Canada Post employees STILL out of work due to vaccine mandates
- Almost half of Canadians are doing worse financially than the previous year: survey
- Canadian special forces operating in Ukraine, New York Times reports
- Is Canada’s NORAD upgrade cash new? Defence chief uncertain
- Quarantine or isolation
- Liberals knew exact details of guns used in Nova Scotia massacre within days
- Rex Murphy: Trudeau Should Keep His Nose out of Our Neighbour’s Top Court Decisions
- Conrad Black: 'The gradual civic suicide of a society of rights'
- EXCLUSIVE: Air Canada admits British passengers were rounded up and hauled off flight by armed police in Toronto by 'MISTAKE' in heavy-handed crackdown over mask rules
- Here’s 5 False Claims Joe Biden Made About Overturning Roe v. Wade
- Gunman kills 2 during Oslo Pride festival; terror suspected

- Liberals kill bill that would ban dumping raw sewage into Canadian waters
- Trudeau Wants You Focused On American Politics To Distract From How He’s Corrupting Canada’s Institutions & Wrecking Our Economy
- Sharron Davies: I Was an Olympic Swimmer, I Want Trans Women Banned From all Female Sports
- U.S., Japan, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom form Pacific group
- Trudeau says gov't can't tell women what to do with bodies after enforcing vaccine mandate
- Almost half of Canadians are doing worse financially than the previous year: survey
- Trudeau defends vax mandates, Emergencies Act decision, in interview
- FIRST READING: Canada set to censor internet porn to ensure it’s 'Canadian' enough
- Saskatchewan surgeon sues Health Authority and College of Medicine after being terminated and defamed for questioning covid vaccines for children
- EDITORIAL: Lucki must go, but Liberals are to blame
- How the rising cost of food adds up in your grocery cart
- TTC facing nearly $3M in lawsuits filed by former employees over vaccine policies
- Worker loses USB stick with personal data of entire city’s residents after night out drinking
- BC needs 570,000 more new homes than expected by 2030 for affordability
- Maxine Goes Ballistic Outside Supreme Court Building: ‘We Will Defy Them’
- RCMP held back senior Mountie's controversial notes about commissioner for months, inquiry says
- Telling the story of the convoy
- Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade in landmark abortion decision
- EDITORIAL: Lucki must go, but Liberals are to blame
- Rex Murphy: The green radical mindset
- Trudeau defends vax mandates, Emergencies Act decision, in interview
- Nova Scotia shooting inquiry seeking explanation from Ottawa about withheld notes
- Trudeau says no gov’t should tell a woman what to do with her body the same day he defends vax mandates
- Trudeau says tow trucks needed Emergencies Act
- Trudeau Wants You Focused On American Politics To Distract From How He’s Corrupting Canada’s Institutions & Wrecking Our Economy
- The legacy media doesn’t understand why Canadians don’t trust them

- Canada's top doctor Theresa Tam reappointed for another three-year term — with a pay raise
- Chicago's Wealthiest Man Pulls His $22 Billion Company from the City Following Crime Complaints, Will Relocate to DeSantis' Florida
- GOLDSTEIN: PM's single-use plastic ban is double trouble for taxpayers
- Man gunned down outside Mississauga residential complex
- (FAKE NEWS) Canada Has 3 Of The World’s 10 Most Livable Cities In 2022
- Samsung sitting on 50 million unsold phones: report
- Montreal women confused, devastated at being denied testing after suspected druggings
- Child hunger a major concern as Canadians hit by soaring food prices
- PM Trudeau denies pressuring RCMP investigation, committee to probe
- China may have tried to discourage Canadians from voting Conservative: federal unit
- BREAKING: Trudeau denies 'any undue influence or pressure' on police over NS investigation allegations
- Nearly half of Canadian renters expect to stay tenants indefinitely: survey
- PM Trudeau denies pressuring RCMP investigation, committee to probe
- Trudeau announces $250M in food aid, blames Russia for skyrocketing prices
- Seven times Justin Trudeau politicized tragedies
- Liberals approve $59,400 salary boost for Dr. Theresa Tam
- CBC can keep its controversial branded content division, CRTC rules
- SMITH: Provincial respect — not just for Quebec
- Unhinged Canadian professor gets brutally RATIO’D

- Cineplex Introduces $1.50 Online Movie Ticket Booking Fee
- B.C. man who had rare neurological reaction to COVID vaccine awaiting decision on government support
- Almost 100,000 mail ballots in federal election not counted, most arrived late
- Pierre Poilievre unveils ”pay-as-you-go” law to limit government spending
- Premier John Horgan halts controversial Royal B.C. Museum project
- Six major cities on pace to pass historic 2021 violent crime totals halfway through 2022
- Over 20 people “deplaned” by Air Canada with no explanation given
- Bill Blair faces heated accusations of political interference by Liberals in N.S. mass shooting
- Stephen Maher: Either Lucki has to go, or Trudeau and Blair do
- Whereabouts of fired Winnipeg scientists at centre of national-security investigation still unclear
- Former RCMP commissioner defends Mountie behind Brenda Lucki allegations
- BONOKOSKI: The Trudeau government’s entitled, outrageous and expensive behaviour
- LILLEY: Trudeau has a history of interfering in criminal matters, don't believe his denials this time
- Systemic silence or dutiful investigation? Experts weigh N.S. RCMP decision amid raging commissioner controversy

- RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki tried to ‘jeopardize’ mass murder investigation to advance Trudeau’s gun control efforts
- LILLEY: Trudeau interfered with RCMP in Nova Scotia shooting, says report
- Federal Liberals face criticism about $875M in missing mental health spending
- FUREY: Liberals are no longer able to handle basics of government
- Canada ranks second for highest debt accumulated since 2019
- Renters 'Struggling With The Cost Of Housing' Will Get $500 From The Feds In 2022
- Up to $5K reward for people with Richmond double homicide info
- No answers, no explanations for B.C. couple escorted off Montreal plane
- TransLink fares set to increase next week
- Passport applicants prepare to spend two nights outside Montreal office
- UPDATED: Lucki denies interfering with mass shooting investigation through promise to PMO
- B.C. keeping vaccine mandates for public servants, health-care workers
- BREAKING: RCMP Commissioner made backroom deal to help Trudeau push gun control efforts after 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting
- John Robson: Single-use plastic bags for my garbage but not for my groceries
- The hurdle that still faces unvaccinated Canadians hoping to go abroad
- BREAKING: Commissioner Lucki “regrets” conduct, denies interference
- John Ivison: The NDP-Liberal coalition has made an inefficient government inept
- AstraZeneca: Vaccine death payout of £120k 'inadequate' - fiancée
- Jagmeet Singh Must Stop Enabling Trudeau
- What the RCMP knew and didn't tell the public in days after N.S. mass shooting
- Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian rule of Canada (Ft. Rav Arora)
- Poilievre encourages anti-vaccine mandate protests amid reports of Canada Day rally
- Service Canada suspends hundreds employees under vaccine mandate despite passport delays
- Top Mountie denies claim she interfered in N.S. shooting investigation
- Peter Menzies: Bill C-11 critics are now Enemies of the People
- Petro-Canada hikes EV charging fees in Quebec by 125%
- RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki tried to ‘jeopardize’ mass murder investigation to advance Trudeau’s gun control efforts
- Did Brenda Lucki use a massacre to help Trudeau?

- House of Commons hybrid sittings poised to continue for another year under Liberal motion
- Canada Workers Benefit Is Being Boosted In 2022 & Millions Will Qualify For More Money
- Rex Murphy: Hypocrisy, your name is Sebastian Vettel
- Canadian employers willing to hire staff without job-related skills: survey
- Airlines tear at governments for ‘shambolic’ handling of COVID-19 pandemic
- Canada to ban certain single-use plastic imports, manufacturing by year’s end
- RCMP struggled to promptly inform families in aftermath of Nova Scotia mass shooting
- Freeland defends budget after Scotiabank accuses feds of ‘doing nothing’ on inflation
- On taming inflation, Liberals’ fiscal policy is more a part of the problem than the solution
- WARMINGTON: Move over Chicago, gun violence in Toronto is catching up
- University of Ottawa professor faces international backlash for shaming maskless flight attendant
- The Rich World’s Climate Hypocrisy

- City of Uvalde Hires Private Law Firm to Stop Release of Shooting Information
- EXCLUSIVE: Vaccine-injured Canadians search for answers
- 'Deepfakes' and disinformation should fall under online hate law: Advisory panel
- 2 injured in Coquitlam shooting, RCMP say
- Canada Is Imposing A New Link Tax On Search Results Across Google Search
- 33-year-old Toronto man charged after allegedly setting woman on fire on city bus
- Ottawa spent $39 million to black out access to information documents
- Over 1000 published studies provide evidence that the COVID-19 "vaccines" are DANGEROUS
- Tamara Lich Delivers a Speech for the Ages
- Trudeau Is Shirking Canada’s Inflation Fight, Scotiabank Says
- Colby Cosh: Elections Canada's banana republic plan to deregister parties
- Report warns of rising costs, narrowing ownership of Alberta farmland
- COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
- Sanity returns to transgender madness after Lia Thomas’ ban by FINA

- WEF suggests blotting out the Sun to fight climate change
- CBC admits that it spread disinformation on ‘Freedom Convoy,’ retracts false story
- FUREY: Canada's now facing serious issues -- and we lack a serious government
- President Joe Biden’s daughter reportedly writes of alleged abuse in diary
- GOLDSTEIN: PM’s massive climate spending fails to achieve promised results
- One man killed, another seriously injured in Etobicoke double shooting
- Rogers to sell Freedom Mobile to Quebecor Inc. for $2.85B
- 58% of Canadians think foreign aid ends up in corrupt hands
- ‘I literally lost organs:’ Why detransitioned teens regret changing genders
- Inflation leads to 16% increase in Richmond food bank visits last month
- Liberals table bill responding to Supreme Court decision on ‘extreme intoxication’
- Biden falls off bike on Delaware ride with first lady, says 'I'm good'

- SNOBELEN: The fading dream of Camelot in a cold country
- Liberals block release of data to justify travel restrictions
- ‘This is not a coalition’: NDP had good ideas, but Liberals are in charge, Chrystia Freeland says
- Trudeau Suspends Vaccine Restrictions For Canadian Air and Train Travel
- Rampant inflation means Bank of Canada must raise rates above 3%: economist
- Ford CFO flags increase in car loan delinquencies
- EDITORIAL: Jagmeet Singh has some explaining to do
- Covid-19 vaccination BNT162b2 temporarily impairs semen concentration and total motile count among semen donors
- Women working with RCMP suffered 'shocking' levels of violence, sex assaults, says report
- They got out of Afghanistan, but now refugees are stuck living in Canadian hotels
- CATSA employees at YVR get summer attendance bonus instead of raise
- 14 notable Vancouver restaurants that closed this spring
- Woman lit on fire in 'random' attack on Toronto bus; man arrested, police say
- Four of the five most expensive cities on either side of the border are Canadian: study
- As living costs surge, tenants dread B.C.'s next inflation-matched rent increase
- 'I thought I was gonna die': Bystander forced to drive B.C. shooting victim to hospital
- Emergencies Act, ‘Freedom Convoy’ records withheld until days before inquiry end: PCO
- Man, 35, arrested after woman lit on fire aboard Toronto transit bus: police
- Growing number of companies end mandatory vaccination as COVID-19 restrictions ease

- Cost of Governor General's in-flight catering bill on Middle East trip actually $80K: DND
- pfossible pfizer pfutures (and the regulators too) covid
- Ontario health-care workers sound alarm over ‘absolutely horrific’ hospital demand
- Covid - I don't think it's Myocarditis, I think it's injection-induced Cardiac Amyloidosis
- FIRST READING: The Liberal plan to curb inflation with ... more inflation
- Quebec Mounties raid two rural locations in hunt for neo-Nazi terrorist group
- Dramatic year-over-year increase to rent in Metro Vancouver
- What a human rights complaint by Alberta's only female cardiovascular surgeon says about sexism in surgery
- EDITORIAL: Freeland’s boss is ‘economically illiterate’
- Quebec senator 'did not realize' taking part in debates during U.S. trip was 'not permitted'
- Rupa Subramanya: For Trudeau, removing vaccine mandates was all political
- Barbara Kay: Lawyers target anti-Israel double standard over product labels
- Canada loses top 10 spot on Global Peace Index due to 'anti-government sentiment'
- 16-year-old stabbed by another teen at Vancouver fast-food restaurant
- Opinion: Vancouver City Council's ideas to reduce car traffic are out of touch with reality
- House of Commons lifting vaccine mandate
- Canada inflation: Freeland touts previously announced measures to combat rising cost of living
- Rent prices 'going through the roof' as inflation soars
- Police identify 28-year-old man fatally shot near TTC station in North York
- Chino Hills man accused of kidnapping, torturing woman for months may have had more victims
- Chrystia Freeland lays out $8.9-billion affordability plan to tackle inflation
- FIRST READING: The Liberal plan to curb inflation with ... more inflation

- Driver Exposes Huge Problem with Electric Vehicles When It Takes an Entire Day to Drive 360 Miles
- Emergency Preparedness Minister: police did not ask for Emergencies Act
- Large Study Confirms Clot Risks With Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine
- Rep. Sean Casten's 17-year-old daughter Gwen dies
- FUREY: Trudeau Liberals ram through online censorship bill -- and only the Senate can save us now
- Justin Trudeau appears to contradict top minister over why the Emergencies Act was used
- Border mayors call on federal government to scrap the ArriveCAN app
- FIRST READING: Mere hours after defending them to the death, Liberals drop mandates
- 9 arrested after search of Surrey home finds drugs, cash, loaded gun
- Judge throws the book at TMX treesitter Tim Takaro
- WHO to Rename Monkeypox Due to Stigma Concerns
- Mapping the Migration of the World’s Millionaires
- Man faces 24 charges including identity, mail theft in Richmond
- Bear spray incident forces evacuation East Vancouver high school
- Coquitlam suspect tried — and failed — to rob cash three times in one hour
- Halifax children’s hospital sounding alarm over its ER department ‘crisis’
- Bar tab on Trudeau's airplane shows booze flowing freely in-flight
- It's now even more expensive to rent in Burnaby, report says
- Rideau Hall says GG 'shares the public's concern' about $93K catering bill
- Police told Marco Mendicino Freedom Convoy was peaceful: memo
- LILLEY: Trudeau government threatens to bring back mandates and change definition of fully vaccinated
- Canadians’ trust in the legacy media reaches a new low: report
- MPs rush more than 100 amendments of streaming bill in a day, prompting secrecy claim
- Trudeau to travel to Rwanda, Germany and Madrid for world leader summits next week

- Debate Gagged On Web Regs
- Kavanaugh neighbor describes ‘horrific' experience dealing with 'aggressive' pro-choice protesters
- Chris Selley: The madness of Trudeau's vaccine policies foretell the end of his reign
- COVID-19: Canada to update its ‘fully-vaccinated’ definition
- Canada's COVID-19 travel restrictions: What's changing and what stays in place
- Common offenses that make people inadmissible to Canada
- Don Martin: The fall of Justin Trudeau has begun
- Liberal MP Apologizes for Swearing at Woman Who Criticized Vaccine Mandate
- Sabrina Maddeaux: Mélanie Joly's all-too-Liberal dodge on official who went to Russian party
- 'I didn't know': Canada's foreign affairs minister on rep attending Russian embassy party
- FUREY FACTOR: Canadians just getting by are really going to struggle
- LILLEY: Trudeau acts on his own political science to drop travel restrictions
- Gov-Gen, guests rack up $100K in-flight catering bill during Dubai trip
- Liberals and NDP shut down debate on internet censorship bill
- Trudeau needs to get Rideau Hall spending under control
- Tom Mulcair: Recent Liberal decisions point to a whole-of-government incompetence
- Trudeau says Canadian attendance at Russian embassy event 'absolutely unacceptable'
- Governor General, entourage amass $100K in-flight catering bill during trip to Middle East
- Over 100 CRA employees investigated for fraud in last five years: Report
- Matthew Lau: The lesson from Ford’s win: Find unpopular opponents

- COMMENTARY: High and hidden taxes driving up the pump price
- Prime Minister Trudeau tests positive for COVID-19, for second time
- Liberal MP apologizes after saying “f*** you” to Canadian woman criticizing vaccine mandates
- Joly calls Canadian official's attendance at Russian Embassy event 'unacceptable'
- Trudeau isolating after testing positive for COVID-19 again
- Max-Vaxxed Justin Truedope Has Covid AGAIN, Doubles Down on Lies
- Canada PM Trudeau tests positive for COVID-19 4 days after Biden meeting
- PM Justin Trudeau tests positive for COVID-19
- Mélanie Joly’s office knew that senior official would be at Russian embassy party
- Anti-Trudeau children’s book tops Amazon bestseller list
- Rex Murphy: Meek Emergencies Act hearings turn into a circus

- Ramsay Hunt syndrome following COVID-19 vaccination

- A 'tsunami' of long COVID cases is about to hit, and some say the health-care system isn't ready
- GUNTER: Liberal MP admits achieving net-zero goal will be 'painful'
- Burnaby shooting leaves one in hospital
- Vancouver police respond to fight involving man with axe
- GOLDSTEIN: Feds cried wolf in invoking Emergencies Act
- Vancouver renters are paying more for living spaces but getting less as ‘shrinkflation’ grows
- Conrad Black: Bill 96 marks the beginning of the end of Canada
- LILLEY: Trudeau reducing sentencing requirements for serious gun crimes
- LILLEY: Gas price pain is a direct result of electing Trudeau
- Man dead after early morning shooting in Brampton parking lot
- Trudeau Foundation accused of delaying sex harassment lawsuit, insisting it be heard in Quebec
- The Globalists Have Suicided the West and Themselves as Russia Becomes a Superpower Once Again
- Chris Selley: It's possible the Liberals are now just punishing air travellers out of spite
- Public Health wrong to fire Sudbury nurse for refusing COVID vaccine: Arbitrator
- No “specific numbers” to support mandates: PHAC
- Federal government temporarily suspends random COVID-19 airport testing, leaves vaccine mandates in place
- N.S. firearms enthusiasts say Ottawa's proposed gun laws target the wrong people
- Toronto to offer monkeypox vaccination clinics targeting high-risk communities, beginning Sunday
- Tourism minister says travel delays could be resolved in a 'matter of weeks'

- Female suspect wanted after woman assaulted with pepper spray-like substance
- Doctor calling attention to worsening crisis in Toronto emergency rooms
- Ivison: Crisis of trust in the truth
- Trans Mountain pipeline protester Tim Takaro should not do jail time
- When Canada's military didn't suck
- Liberal MPs say “massive majority” of caucus wants Trudeau to end mandates
- Newest homebuyers could pay the price for Canada's financial stability
- More than one million Canadians have to repay CERB — and in some cases EI is being clawed back to do it
- Trainwreck: Ratings Are in for Jan. 6 Committee Production
- Funding of Promising Research into COVID-19 Treatment Withdrawn Without Explanation
- Poilievre calls for Trudeau minister to resign after deceiving Canadians on Emergency Act
- Matt Gurney: Misleading the public is bad, even if you're a Liberal
- Rex Murphy: For the sake of his integrity, Marco Mendicino should resign
- Has Jagmeet Singh Forgotten He Made A Deal To Keep Justin Trudeau In Power?
- Canada poised to become 1st country to add warnings on individual cigarettes
- Liberals turn on Trudeau
- Motorists left stranded on the road as soaring gas prices run tanks on empty
- WATCH: Trudeau Says “Progressives” Are “Thoughtful People,” & Protests Are “To Get Rid Of A Particular Right-Wing”
- 911 Call Confirms Motivations of Justice Brett Kavanaugh's Alleged Would-Be Killer
- Doctors sue FDA for discouraging use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19

- LILLEY: Trudeau enjoys California sunshine as Canada crumbles
- Is Marco Mendicino a fibber or a fool?
- PHOTO: Scripted January 6 Committee Hearing Uses Teleprompter
- Steven Globerman: Morneau slams Trudeau government — then doubles-down on its policies
- William Watson: Canada's biggest carbon footprint?
- Even After Assassination Attempt, Garland Allows Activists to Break the Law
- BREAKING: Poilievre demands Marco Mendicino resigns for lying about Emergencies Act
- Pfizer Quietly Admits it Will NEVER Manufacture the Vaccine that was FDA Approved – Will Produce New “Tris-Sucrose Formulation” mRNA Vaccine Instead
- Pipelines unclogged, but Canadian crude now faces U.S. Gulf Coast glut
- Pierre Poilievre calls on Marco Mendicino to resign over “false statements”

- Healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome - as doctors seek answers through a new national register
- OPINION: Canada’s electric vehicle ambitions are pure foolhardy fantasy
- ‘What’s done is done’: Okanagan man one of the first in Canada to be compensated for vaccine injury
- Veteran Toronto police officer criminally charged
- Ukrainian refugees in N.L. hit with car insurance rates 5 times provincial average
- Peel police release suspect videos in Mississauga home invasion targeting a luxury vehicle last Sept.
- Ottawa woman trapped in apartment for 10 days after May storm
- Canada: two died as police sought approval to tweet 2020 mass shooting warning
- Seventh COVID wave possible this fall, Tam tells MPs: 'The pandemic is not over'
- Two suspects make off with vehicle after armed carjacking in North York
- Big industry can lower carbon pricing costs as feds launch first offset credit market
- Multiple suspects sought after man fatally shot in Scarborough
- RCMP allegedly entered family's home while they slept, questioned 11-year-old
- LILLEY: Trudeau skips the hell travellers face as he jets to L.A. on a private jet
- 'How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom' children's book tops Amazon Canada's bestsellers list
- Budget watchdog discredits Liberal plan to cut deficits
- Airport chaos is Ottawa’s mess says former Air Canada executive
- Canada to introduce mandatory monkeypox quarantine
- Deputy minister claims Mendicino was “misunderstood” about police asking for Emergencies Act
- Armed man arrested near Brett Kavanaugh's home charged with attempting to murder a US judge
- Shrinkflation: More companies make products smaller to compensate for rising production costs
- LILLEY: Trudeau skips the hell travellers face as he jets to L.A. on a private jet
- Rex Murphy: What the minister meant to say about suspending Canadians' rights
- FERNANDO: Trudeau's Legacy Is One Of Institutional Collapse

- GUNTER: It's fair game to criticize Canada's leading judges
- 17 year-Old Charged With Murder For Allegedly 'Intentionally' Hitting People With A Car
- Fake fan who took selfie with Punjabi rapper minutes before murder among eight arrested
- Freezing convoy bank accounts a “chilling” abuse of power: Irish senator
- Trudeau, Anand visit Norad headquarters ahead of trip to L.A. for summit
- Two men murdered in Richmond had links to Lower Mainland gang conflict
- Tears, laughter and lots of hugs as 170 Ukrainians arrive in New Brunswick
- ‘I heard a shriek’: Amanda Todd’s mother tells B.C. trial about ‘sextortion’ incident
- Diane Francis: Trudeau's hypocrisy on foreign funding
- Where’s Paul Pelosi’s Mugshot? Crooked California Officials Hiding Pelosi’s Booking Photos
- Trudeau's over budget, behind schedule promise to plant two billion trees is getting an audit
- Trudeau’s reign gains serious scrutiny from the international community
- Rex Murphy: Leave it to Trudeau to find a way to make air travel worse than it already was
- Sore Losers
- Weapons sent to Ukraine could land in the hands of criminal gangs, Swedish police warn
- 'A living hell': Canadians who reported cocaine in plane urge Trudeau to lobby for their freedom
- Feds appoint CEO of anti-oilsands charity Makeway to new nature panel
- Higher grocery prices have Canadians feeling stressed about money
- COVID Vaccines Linked to New Type of Incurable, Fatal Degenerative Brain Disorder
- Sabrina Maddeaux: The indefensible Liberal plan to search your phone on a whim
- Poilievre Rips Trudeau’s Mask Hypocrisy
- RCMP officer was 'pacing the floor' waiting for tweet approval during N.S. mass shooting
- Sudbury column: Trudeau makes legal handgun owners pay for the sins of others
- Franco Terrazzano: Provide real relief at the pump: Cut gas taxes
- Mendicino was 'misunderstood' in saying police asked for Emergencies Act: deputy minister

- Car theft in Toronto is up 60 per cent. Here are four ways to make sure your car isn’t next
- Man killed in Eglinton Ave. restaurant shooting ID'D
- Edmonton tattoo artist admits killing 7-year-old Bella Rose Desrosiers
- Victims' families begin coroner's inquest into Ottawa Valley triple homicide
- City of Vancouver staff warn new Broadway bike lanes will cause "significant congestion"
- Almost a quarter of Canadians report eating less than they should due to rising prices: survey
- Ohio votes to put Canada on religious freedom watch list
- Canada’s Covid rules “stringent and invasive”: EU report
- It's 'high time' that authorities revise definition of 'fully vaccinated': experts
- 1st MP Denied Seat Since 1947
- Carson Jerema: Justin Trudeau, the troll farm prime minister
- Hunter Biden’s Laptop Lady Got $20K Federal Stimulus For ‘Female–Owned Sole Proprietorship’
- Report: Hunter Biden Recklessly Handles Firearm with Prostitute in the Nude, Photos Show
- Packin’ heat: Nude Hunter Biden cavorts with hooker, illegal gun in latest mess for president
- CDC raises monkeypox alert to level 2, recommends masks during travel
- Freeland schemes behind closed doors at Bilderberg Meeting in Washington

- Quebec victims group surprised after man gets conditional discharge for sex assault
- Canadian cities unaffordable for young residents: report

- FUREY: The Emergencies Act inquiry isn't looking good for Trudeau
- CBC incorrectly links Danforth killer to legal gun ownership
- NP View: Liberal handgun 'freeze' all about generating outrage
- Integrated Homicide Investigation Team investigates double homicide in Richmond
- Former Bill C-71 - What you need to know
- Canada firmer than ever in support of Ukraine after 100 days of war: Joly
- When it comes to stopping gun violence, it's all about the border, critics say
- Five ways Trudeau governs like a U.S. president

- B.C. will decriminalize up to 2.5 grams of hard drugs. Drug users say that threshold won't decriminalize them
- Democratic operative pleads guilty to illegal ballot harvesting in 2020 Arizona primary election
- Conservative leadership hopeful Pierre Poilievre tables bill to ban COVID-19 vaccine mandates
- Neither the Pfizer nor Moderna mRNA vaccines are effective at protecting against COVID
- Avi Benlolo: The modern miracle that is the State of Israel
- Halifax police say $15,000 worth of perfume stolen from pharmacy in 1 week
- Families of Texas shooting victims take steps against gunmaker
- Wait times for Winnipeg ambulances continue to climb, WFPS says
- ‘Concerning’ Chinese jet pilot behaviour will be raised with UN Security Council: Joly
- Canada reports 77 confirmed cases of monkeypox
- Tory MP who won't disclose vaccine status asked to leave House of Commons precinct
- Vancouver rentals: Parked travel trailer without plumbing offered for $650/month
- Advocates frustrated with inaction over missing and murdered Indigenous women
- Winnipeg police struggle to keep up with homicide investigations amid 'trickle down' staffing issues: chief
- Man arrested in connection with homicide of Port Moody, B.C.’s Trina Hunt
- FIRST READING: Does the WEF secretly control the Canadian government?
- Suspect in custody after stabbing doctor, 2 nurses at Los Angeles hospital, police say
- Pizza Hut features 'drag kids' book for children as young as kindergarten
- FBI Arrests Peter Navarro One Day After He Vows to Impeach Biden

- National security committee violates MPs’ parliamentary privilege: Ontario court
- Ohio urges US feds to place Canada on religious freedom watch list
- John Ivison: Bill Morneau's damning indictment of Liberal spending is a bit rich
- Financial assistance now available for Ukrainians in Canada
- Stabbing at Metro Vancouver grocery store sends victim to hospital
- Woman injured in stabbing attack at Surrey, B.C., supermarket
- BC gun store sees a month's worth of handgun sales in one day after Trudeau announces freeze
- As the U.K. brings back imperial measurements, is it time for Canada to drop them?
- Opposition MPs call for more transparency about secret orders-in-council
- Poilievre introduces bill to end vaccine mandate forever
- Ontario Progressive Conservatives win another majority government
- Gunman who killed 4 people at Oklahoma medical office was targeting his surgeon, police say
- Feds announce one-time $3,000 payment for Ukrainians taking refuge in Canada
- Trudeau gov’t funded report claims Freedom Convoy led to ‘anti-media rhetoric’

- Rex Murphy: Latest act of green fanaticism really takes the cake
- CRTC confirms internet bill C-11 will regulate user content
- Power outages drag on for thousands of customers
- B.C. man among first Canadians approved for COVID-19 vaccine injury payout
- Canada alarmed as Chinese fighter pilots ‘buzz’ Canadian planes over international waters
- Google warns every MP, senator not to fast track Canadian online news bill
- Facebook Marketplace seller pepper sprayed by suspects in caught-on-camera robbery
- Bruce Pardy: Supreme Court undermined by chief justice condemning freedom convoy
- Trudeau government has adopted dozens of secret cabinet orders since coming to power
- Toronto Police revokes vaccine mandate for serving members
- Justin Trudeau is being asked to hand over secret information linked to convoy protest

June 2022

- Covid has torn apart our social fabric
- If You Think Don Cherry Got A Bum Rap, Try Being Pierre Poilievre
- 'Health care over handcuffs': B.C. first to decriminalize simple drug possession
- Dem lawyer found not guilty of lying to FBI over alleged Trump-Russia link
- Shots fired in Coquitlam leads to one arrest, elementary school warned
- Did you take part in the Freedom Convoy? Maybe you were WIRETAPPED like this retired cop
- Fraser Institute News Release: Canada risks European-like energy crisis if similar policies continue to be pursued
- How the COVID Vaccines Kill

- B.C. under pressure to solve staff shortages that closed ERs
- Chinatown mural painted only 5 weeks ago already covered with graffiti
- Murder suspect arrested, victim identified in weekend Winnipeg homicide
- Taxi driver convicted of sexual assault under arrest warrant, may have fled Canada
- Canada’s military a ‘broken system’ that’s a ‘liability’ to the country, report finds
- VIP Tickets For PMO Chief
- Firearm, Ammunition Stocks Soar in Wake of Texas School Shooting
- FIRST READING: Why much of what you heard about residential school graves is wrong

- Breaking down Mass Public Shooting data from 1998 through May 2022: Info on weapons used; gun-free zones; racial, age, and gender demographics
- WOAH, CANADA Canadian politician William Amos exposes himself on video AGAIN as he ‘pees on camera’ weeks after naked Zoom meeting
- Staff shortage forces temporary closure of another B.C. hospital ER
- 71 Sears stores to close permanently nationwide
- Joseph Quesnel: Guilbeault's failure to renounce his unlawful past will only embolden eco-radicals
- HUNTER: Shocking court ruling bans consecutive sentences for multiple killers
- President of Spanish Pharma Company on List of over 2,200 People with Faked Vaccine Papers
- 60K without power one week after deadly storm swept through Ontario, Quebec
- Three Toronto men arrested in connection with human trafficking investigation
- VIDEO: Jagmeet Singh Confronted By Angry Crowd As His Divisive Politics Backfire
- “2000 Mules” Investigator Gregg Phillips Drops a Bomb: Investigators Discovered Multinational Player and Federal Agencies Involved in Operation – A “Multinational Deal Involving Billions of Dollars” (VIDEO)
- Pearson Airport holds fake protest as part of emergency training exercise
- GUNTER: Trudeau is living in a dream world when it comes to economics
- Families of Ontario murder victims outraged at Supreme Court ruling
- ‘Send police now,’ kid begged to 911 operator as cops stood outside Uvalde classroom
- Rex Murphy: The 'two nations' of Canada, land of mad gas prices
- Inside Ontario’s ‘scary’ child-welfare system where kids are ‘commodities’
- Biden's energy policies do nothing to increase supply as gas prices break records

- Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland has close family ties to Nazis
- Texas school shooting police response faces scrutiny. Here’s how the day unfolded
- Quebec mosque disappointed with ruling allowing shooter to seek parole after 25 years
- More than 18 hours to find five N.S. mass shooting victims was 'deficient': lawyer
- Police charge man who allegedly showed up to North York Jewish school with weapon and said ‘I want to kill Jews’
- Doctor gave Covid-19 shot to hundreds of kids as young as six months old
- Legacy media pushes fake news claiming Trudeau was a victim of “racist slurs”
- Sussmann Trial Exposes Dems' Scandal-Industrial Process
- Ottawa wants to search your phone at the border, but its proposed rules are unreasonably suspicious
- WEF 2022’s eight most radical proposals to control people’s lives
- Victims injured after 3 overnight home invasions within 1 Toronto building: police
- Supreme Court effectively strikes down Moncton Mountie killer's life-without-parole sentence
- Charges laid in Surrey sexual assault investigation
- Ottawa's emergency rooms are slammed as storm, staff shortages hit hospitals hard
- “The wrong decision”: Texas DPS says local police made crucial error as school shooting continued
- ‘Biggest fake news story in Canada’: Kamloops mass grave debunked by academics
- KRAYDEN: WEF stiffs Trudeau at Davos after criticizing his authoritarian ways
- Why Does Our System Reserve All Of Its Compassion For Criminals?
- WHO assembly turns into anti-Russian squabble-fest
- Ashley Hughes: Liberals inexplicably clinging to travel mask and vaccine mandates
- EDITORIAL: High court ruling favours mass murderers
- ‘Biggest fake news story in Canada’: Kamloops mass grave debunked by academics
- Federal government posts $95.6 billion deficit for 2021-2022 fiscal year
- Liberals cite privacy laws when asked which media outlets got its $600M bailout
- New federal firearms bill will be introduced on Monday: Lametti
- Breaking: Yuma County School Board Member Set To Plead Guilty For 2020 Election Ballot Trafficking Crimes As Exposed In “2000 Mules”- State Senate Candidate Gary Snyder Who Busted the Fraud Weighs In (VIDEO)

- Victoria airport shutdown was triggered by inert grenades in luggage of man flying overseas: RCMP
- Man found guilty in serious stabbing outside New Westminster SkyTrain station
- Male dead after police-involved shooting near Scarborough school
- REVEALED: Female online gamer reported fellow player - now suspected to be Salvador Ramos - who threatened to 'shoot up a school with an AR-15' to the FBI just hours before Uvalde elementary school massacre
- Bill 96: Opponents of new French language law express ‘sadness, frustration’ at protest
- Democrats' Focus On 'Gun Control' Won't Solve Any of Our Problems | Opinion
- Yet another series of carjackings hits Scarborough overnight
- Department of National Defence looking for actors to prep CAF for deployment
- The year of the graves: How the world’s media got it wrong on residential school graves

- GOLDSTEIN: The World Economic Forum is not our friend
- Trudeau cancelled B.C. appearance after RCMP warned protest could escalate: Source
- Sussmann billed Clinton camp on the day he talked Trump-Russia ties with FBI
- A scientist’s inconvenient truths about decarbonizing the economy
- Renovating Trudeau’s country estate cost taxpayers almost $12 million
- Canada police say they barred Trudeau from event over safety concerns

- Canada makes major contribution to support small and medium-sized agri-food enterprise growth in Africa
- Trudeau cancels appearance at Surrey fundraiser over protest-related safety concerns
- Trudeau faces chants, pounding drums as he walks through crowd at Kamloops memorial
- Kelly McParland: Liberals blame regular people for the airport chaos their policies created
- Trudeau dodges question about whether Canada is on stolen Indigenous land

- Toronto’s homeless encampments are back on the fringes. Here’s why that’s a problem
- Man dead after fight ends in stabbing outside Vancouver nightclub: police
- Trudeau will attend Kamloops ceremony marking anniversary of unmarked graves discovery
- Ottawa's mayor recommends people work from home for the next few days

- B.C. seniors are falling victim to these four scams
- Decision on life-saving drug a ‘gut punch’ for St. Catharines man
- Canada records 10 cases of unexplained hepatitis in children, 1 new case in Alberta
- Suspect sought after 87-year-old man assaulted in Vancouver's Chinatown
- B.C. man uses his child as a human shield in gas station robbery: RCMP
- #20: Alleged mass shooter had a felony gun case pending when he killed 2, wounded 7 near Magnificent Mile, records show
- Noisy generators spark complaints during blackout in Ottawa
- Federal public sector unions say vax mandate “now is unreasonable”
- B.C. man uses his child as a human shield in gas station robbery: RCMP
- 78,000 pounds of infant formula arrives in US
- NYC paramedic shot inside ambulance after man pulls gun on way to hospital: police
- World Health Assembly Vote: Conspiracy or Fact?
- Russia bans 963 Americans from the country including Biden, Harris, Zuckerberg. But not Trump.
- LAWTON: The strange phoniness of Davos

- CRA spending questioned after millions in subsidies given to insolvent companies
- Musk responds to online accusations: 'there will be blood' through 'hardcore litigation department'
- 'There is no convoy to support' Lich testifies in defence of accepting 'freedom award'
- Conrad Black: Poilievre has a real chance to break the Liberal status quo — and that has his enemies trembling
- Additional arrests made as investigation into Surrey, B.C. elementary school attack continues
- Man shot in Surrey Saturday morning, RCMP say
- Rex Murphy: How ridiculous is it for universities to 'cancel' sonnets? Let me count the ways
- Surrey teen lured to ambush and videotaped kissing people's shoes after she was attacked
- Sophie Grégoire Trudeau among 26 more Canadians banned from travel to Russia
- Russia bans 26 new Canadians from entering the country
- Toronto probing 1st suspected case of monkeypox
- Once a liberal democracy, Canada is now an authoritarian state
- NY Mag: ‘Disinformation’ a ‘fantasy’ that lets liberals ‘lie to themselves,’ avoid ‘agony of self-reflection’
- Arrest made after assault at south Vancouver home
- KINSELLA: Our freedoms once again under attack by federal Liberals
- Healthcare professionals urge government to “hire back our heroes”
- 'It was a cruel, racist act': B.C. announces $100 million for Japanese Canadian internment education
- Vancouver police investigate possible hate crime after senior bear-sprayed in Chinatown
- Hillary Clinton’s sordid legacy of lies
- Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel
- Conrad Black: Poilievre has a real chance to break the Liberal status quo — and that has his enemies trembling

- Bookkeeper who stole $476K from North Van doctors sentenced to house arrest
- Peter McKnight: People shouldn't be excused for what they do as a result of voluntary intoxication
- RCMP seize firearms, cash, drugs after gun store break and enter in southern Alberta
- Poilievre derangement syndrome has begun!
- Hillary Clinton Did It
- Ivison: The future of defence with Mark Norman
- 2 more girls arrested in connection with swarming incident at Surrey school
- As COVID-19 begins to diminish, more Canadians are getting sick with the flu
- B.C. primary care teams ‘chronically understaffed,’ opposition says
- LILLEY UNLEASHED Calling Poilievre a white supremacist over use of 'Anglo Saxon' disgusting
- Costs reach $25.6 million for public inquiry into 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia
- Hillary Clinton Personally Approved Spreading Trump-Russia Disinformation To Media, Former Campaign Manager Testifies
- Elon Musk calls out old Clinton campaign tweet as ‘hoax,’ asks Twitter for answers
- FIRST READING: Maybe Canada could stop charging the hemisphere's highest fuel taxes?
- NBC News Reports Hunter Biden Took Millions From Ukraine and China After LYING About It For Years
- The Latest & Greatest in Censorship: Twitter Will Hide Tweets Sharing ‘False Info’ During a ‘Crisis’
- Taxpayer-funded factory sends all its baby formula to China despite domestic shortage
- The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022

- 'Rat sh*t on your pillow': Vancouver renters face 'rampant' rat infestation
- Where are Ontario’s crime guns coming from? New data shows top U.S. source states
- Don Cherry says he'll never be friends with Ron MacLean again
- Vancouver cop once hailed a hero now charged with assault
- Sabrina Maddeaux: Liberals ban Huawei after inexcusable delay
- National Capital Commission has spent $767K on assessing 24 Sussex whose future is still unknown
- Vaughn Palmer: John Horgan can only blame himself for museum faux pas
- Have you been to the Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria?
- Gas prices: Vancouver drivers pay highest gasoline taxes in Canada, says taxpayer group
- Canada inflation: How we compare to other G7 nations
- Canadian Businesses Are Going Broke At An Unusually Fast Rate Due To Inflation
- Tamara Lich admits accepting award is related to Freedom Convoy in fiery day in court
- Trudeau lies in House of Commons during exchange with interim Conservative leader
- Crown asking judge to revoke Tamara Lich bail, alleging continued 'Freedom Convoy' support
- BREAKING: Senate approves $40 billion for Ukraine—only 11 Republicans vote against the package
- Hunter Biden Took In $11 Million Over 5 Years According To NBC Analysis
- Must Control Web ‘Craziness’
- Good News! Trump Attorney to Go After 51 Intel “Experts” Who Lied About Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell Days Before Election
- The Liberal Narrative On Invoking The Emergencies Act Has Completely Collapsed

- Western University LGBTQ poster sparks Muslim community backlash
- 'Voracious' appetite to dump fee-for-service model for B.C. family doctors
- Rupa Subramanya: Liberals slow to realize vaccine mandates are past their best by date
- Here's how Service Canada's attempting to shorten passport renewal wait times
- What we know about Buffalo supermarket shooting suspect Payton Gendron
- Carson Jerema: Pierre Poilievre listens to the alienated — his unhinged critics can't handle that
- B.C. to demolish 'racist' museum and build unprecedentedly expensive replacement
- Canadians love their cars so much that high fuel prices won't make most of us change our ways
- FIRST READING: Misinformation-obsessed Liberals have a weird habit of spreading misinformation
- Patients waiting more than a day to be admitted in Winnipeg hospitals: ‘It’s absolutely terrifying’
- Loblaws Superstore workers in BC vote in favour of strike
- Letter: ‘I have watched my children squeezed out' of West Van
- Shrinkflation bites: popular food brands quietly downsize while charging same price or more
- Police release photos of mail-stealing suspects in Burnaby, B.C.
- Man, 23, charged for driving lookalike police vehicle in western Manitoba
- ‘We don’t understand it’: Advocates slam Vancouver police raid of low-barrier cannabis program
- LILLEY: Trudeau spreads misinformation after cops say they didn't ask for Emergencies Act
- Geoff Russ: Elitist politicians more interested in toppling statues and renaming streets than real change
- Rex Murphy: A compassionate government would kill its carbon tax right now
- Michael Sussmann: Clinton lawyer 'lied to manipulate FBI over Trump'
- Trudeau says Ottawa watching Quebec's proposed changes to language law 'carefully'

- Russia more than triples its current account surplus to US$96 billion as EU energy giants pay in rubles
- Don Cherry on relationship with Ron MacLean: 'I don't think we'll ever be friends again'
- Police find 19 guns at Winnipeg home; two men arrested
- Canadian businesses bankruptcies surge — and some fear this is just the beginning
- Trudeau says inviting Iran to Vancouver soccer friendly is not 'a very good idea'
- Trudeau promises to address high rates of Indigenous incarceration
- Richmond Mounties targeting dangerous drivers this week
- Here’s why a local coffee brand closed its flagship location in downtown Victoria
- Scientists Found 830‑Million‑Year‑Old Organisms Potentially Alive in Crystals
- Justice Centre successfully defends B.C. pastors against lockdown fines

- Justin Trudeau wants freedoms for Ukrainians that he won’t allow Canadians to enjoy
- Serial Richmond rapist loses sentence appeal
- Canada prepared to send ships to Romanian ports to help export Ukraine's wheat: Joly
- Driver who killed woman, 3 daughters handed 17-year sentence
- Matt Gurney: Canada has chosen to be a freeloader on the world stage, but it's not too late to change
- Tsawwassen Mills mall sold to Chinese-owned development firm
- Poilievre says he wants to 'curtail' Emergencies Act to prevent it from being used again for 'political purposes'
- Vancouver Chinatown merchant writes message to graffiti taggers targeting his storefront
- Retired tactical officer calls RCMP 'broken organization' at N.S. mass shooting inquiry
- Victim found in burned-out Tesla in Montreal was drug dealer who had a case pending
- Jagmeet Singh Calls The Police Because People Heckled Him
- Canadian special forces conducted flights over Ottawa protest despite military directive
- Joe Biden Ignored Mass Killer and BLM Activist Who Mowed Down Christmas Revelers at WI Parade — Will Travel to Buffalo following Massacre of Mass Killer Who Targeted Blacks
- Federal public servants paid $171M in bonuses for 2019-20 despite departments meeting less than half of performance objectives
- Complaints made years before N.S. mass shooting were enough for search warrants: former Mountie, lawyer

- Tillsonburg, Ont. teen returns home after life-changing surgery in U.S.
- Saskatoon cyclist handed $150 ticket for bike rack on rear of vehicle
- B.C. couple challenge $11,400 in COVID-test fines
- Eugenie Bouchard recalls 'traumatic' and 'scarring' 2014 Wimbledon final
- She was sterilized without her consent at 14. Now she wants the practice made a crime
- The future is coming to Broadway, but the fate of existing apartment renters is uncertain
- Fuel taxes pay for highways. EV drivers shouldn't get a subsidized ride
- Letter: Where is Wilson Miao?

- GUNTER: Yet more Liberal falsehoods surrounding the convoy have been debunked
- Church destroyed in fire on northern Manitoba First Nation
- Vancouver police seek witnesses to Pacific Centre mall assault
- Conrad Black: Canada's support for Ukraine shows we can be a powerful force for good (tell that to Afghanistan)
- Letters to the editor: Lament for a lost Canada
- Joly says Canada ready to help ship Ukrainian grain as G7 warn of global crisis
- Weekend gas prices on the rise across Canada as experts urge motorists to reduce travel (this is a rules for me but not for thee)
- So much for the electric vehicle revolution. You cannot make the machines without the metals that power them
- Man in life-threatening condition after stabbing at Main Street subway station

- Supreme Court rules extreme intoxication defence available for violent crimes in Alberta, Ontario decisions
- Joe Rogan Calls Trudeau 'Creepy F****** Dictator' Over Trucker Protests
- Low vacancy rates, high rental costs forcing more Island seniors into homelessness
- Pete McMartin: Canada's home-ownership class war is just getting started
- Victoria police say groups of youth are randomly attacking people, openly consuming drugs​
- Engineer who designed Sask. bridge that collapsed hours after opening facing disciplinary hearing
- Feds seek dismissal of planned class action against RCMP over facial recognition tool
- Opinion: Decision to build new $789M museum is out of touch with reality
- Cineplex reports Q1 loss as revenue soars with customers returning to theatres
- Chrystia Freeland feels the heat over $10B Trans Mountain loan guarantee​
- ‘The hurt in their eyes’: Overwhelmed Vancouver charity forced to turn food-seekers away
- Hi, my name is Canada. I’m an oil superpower
- Twitter’s top lawyer long weighed safety and free speech. Then Elon Musk called her out.
- Peterborough police investigating after protesters hurl insults at NDP's Singh
- Justin Trudeau says it is ‘completely atrocious’ that Taliban is targeting Afghans who worked for Canada
- FIRST READING: Why does Trudeau go maskless overseas (but not in Canada)?
- LILLEY: Roxham Road is back and Trudeau still has no plan to act
- Jay Goldberg: Ottawa looking at a wealth tax to pay for soaring spending
- Supreme Court rules extreme intoxication can be defence in violent crime cases
- The World Economic Forum wants to create a climate change treaty
- IS TRUDEAU AN 'F'N DICTATOR'? Joe Rogan slams Canadian PM over Emergencies Act again!

- Police launch investigation into harassment of NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh in Ontario
- Canada to host Iran for men's soccer friendly in Vancouver in June
- Canada’s Future Prime Minister Needs to Come Clean About Her Nazi Collaborationist Grandfather
- Closing Roxham Road border crossing will not stop arrival of asylum seekers: Trudeau
- RCMP wanted 2011 tip about N.S. gunman to 'go away': Truro police chief
- Canada to deploy CAF general, staff officers to join NATO headquarters in Latvia
- Daughters of murdered Abbotsford couple 'shattered' by loss
- Man targeted in shooting earlier this year arrested while carrying gun, drugs: Surrey RCMP
- After a 5-year fight to lower drug prices, Ottawa's pledge quietly falls apart
- Alberta man conned out of thousands of dollars thanks to new twist on old scam
- Cities are so unaffordable that young Canadians run deficits: report
- Billionaire's association with luxury B.C. mansion highlights property tax loophole
- Woman pushed onto tracks at Bloor-Yonge station sues TTC for $1 million
- Chinese company buys 60% stake in Canadian lithium mines
- Rex Murphy: If Liberals are 'rigging the system,' why are you supporting them, Jagmeet Singh?
- ILLEY: Horwath and her expensive clothing budget can't criticize other MPPs
- Trudeau announces $732 million in funding for global access to vaccines
- Student hurt after being shot outside Victoria Park Collegiate
- The Afghan Resistance Is Still Fighting
- Canadian soldier charged for speaking against COVID-19 vaccine mandate in uniform
- SNC-Lavalin gets a deferred prosecution agreement – a first in Canada
- Federal charter flights for Ukrainians who want to come to Canada 
- FIRST READING: Quebec to pass unbelievably onerous language law
- BREAKING: Justin Trudeau caught funding the World Economic Forum with tax money
- How much do you need to earn to buy a home in Toronto? Even more than you’d think
- Flight schedules, out-of-practice travellers contributing to long lines at Canadian airports: minister

- WATCH: Jen Psaki Says White House Encourages ‘Peaceful’ Protests Outside Justices’ Homes
- U.S. Senator: Canada's a freeloader on defence and it's getting tiring
- Priced out: Richmond small business owners hit by soaring rental costs
- Renting in Metro Vancouver predicted to get even more costly in 2022
- B.C. man denied $5,000 payout after customer's speaker fell on him at SkyTrain station: CRT decision
- Trudeau Cabinet approves C$10B loan guarantee for TMX
- John Robson: Congrats to the Trudeau Liberals for making their dream of high gas prices come true
- A B.C. township sold off a man's property over $6,700 in unpaid taxes. Now it's been ordered to pay him $350K
- Majority of Canadians support federal government’s plan to regulate internet, poll shows (no we don't)
- Trudeau government gave $3 million to WEF and $1.6 billion to UN in 2021
- Canada pledges $229 million to help victims of Syria conflict, refugees
- GUNTER: The Liberals have sneakily brought back the gun registry

- John Ivison: Sorry Canada. You're still unlikely to snag cheap child care, no matter governments' promises
- Trudeau meets with Zelenskyy in Kyiv, announces more military supports for Ukraine, sanctions on Russians
- B.C. Ferries is more than doubling its fuel surcharge starting June 1
- Coastal GasLink pipeline builder fined thousands over erosion and sediment control on B.C. project
- Windows smashed 8 times in 6 months: Vancouver businesses fed up with rampant vandalism
- Liberal MP apologizes after he was caught bringing the House of Commons to the bathroom via Zoom
- Several cases of severe acute hepatitis reported at Toronto SickKids

- Judges rule against provincial health officers in B.C. and Alberta
- 'If I lived in Toronto, I would be broke': How owning a home feels increasingly unaffordable for many
- Man fatally stabbed at Vancouver park
- After months in pain, these patients paid thousands for surgery outside of B.C.
- Freedom Convoy protesters struggling to get seized items back from police
- Vancouver Island has the ‘lowest’ fertility rates in the nation: Statistics Canada
- Trudeau: Canada to be good energy partner with Europe but won't compromise climate goals
- Trudeau makes surprise visit to Ukraine to reopen Canadian Embassy, meet Zelenskyy

- Richmond ranks in middle of B.C.’s urban cities for number of repeat offenders
- The Real Costs of Electric Car Ownership
- Police investigating ‘serious incident’ at Vancouver’s Crab Park
- Opinion: These are the mediocre Burnaby suites going for outrageous sums
- ‘Significant’ number of firearms stolen in southern Alberta gun club break-in: RCMP
- Suspect in Surrey bus attack on teenager arrested days after police share video
- SNC-Lavalin to pay $30M under agreement with Quebec over bridge bribes
- Canada’s COVID-19 supports have come to an end. Businesses say they still need help
- Canada dumps billions of litres of raw sewage into natural waterways annually. How can we stop?
- Richmond ranks in middle of B.C.’s urban cities for number of repeat offenders
- Toronto police looking to identify suspect after assault at TTC station
- Ontario Liberals vow to add COVID vaccine to school immunization list
- Stephen Harper: Why it’s time to stop negotiating with Iran
- Federal Judge Reduces Ghislaine Maxwell’s Max Prison Sentence By 10 Years
- C.D.C. Is Investigating 109 Cases of Hepatitis in Children, Including 5 Deaths
- MARCEAU: Holocaust denial should be outlawed in Canada
- Taliban to force Afghan women to wear face veil

- LILLEY: Trudeau reducing sentencing requirements for serious gun crimes
- Sex worker's screams lead police to violent assault in Surrey
- 'Accurate': Hilarious viral image shows reality of Vancouver 'seasons'
- ‘Record after record’: Brazil’s Amazon deforestation hits April high, nearly double previous peak
- Customers frustrated as Canada Post's fuel surcharge hits 31 per cent
- RCMP lay terrorism charges against teen for alleged neo-Nazi ties in Canadian first
- Gas prices hit record highs across the country
- 14-year-old girl hit and killed by dump truck in Burnaby
- Applying for a passport in Canada? What you need to know
- Gen. Jonathan Vance stripped of Order of Military Merit after guilty plea, discharge
- Canada makes US$99M payment as part of deal to foot more of bill for developing F-35
- Burnaby resident calls neighbourhood a 'garbage dump’ filled with used needles
- China sends 18 jets into Taiwan's air defense zone
- Canadian Real Estate Has A Money Laundering and Fraud Problem: Intelligence Report
- Nearly 50 per cent of Ottawa residents working from home
- The business cost of crime and public safety: A CTV News analysis
- Trudeau spied on Canadians throughout the pandemic
- STUDY: masks might make COVID worse
- Judge Dismisses Trump Suit Against Twitter Over Censorship Claims
- NYC judge’s son who stormed Capitol on Jan. 6 in ‘caveman’ costume gets prison
- WARMINGTON: Expect to get hosed at pumps with $2 per litre gas
- SNC-Lavalin could pay $29.6M to settle Jacques-Cartier Bridge bribery case
- Lightfoot’s Chicago: Armed Robbers Shoot Man 3 Times on Street After Demanding Phone Password (Video)
- 81 Million Vote Recipient Joe Biden Arrives to Greater Cincinnati Area to Zero Fanfare (VIDEO)
- Former staffer fired after convoy donation sues Ford government, media


- Shopify shares plunge as Canada's tech champion reports big quarterly loss

- Teen punched, kneed in head on bus in Surrey

- B.C. calling in experts to help deal with 'catch-and-release' criminals

- Rupa Subramanya: India's courts get it right on vaccine mandates — and Canada doesn't

- Vancouver's infamous 'Penis Satan' statue can now be erected anywhere through augmented reality

- Heiltsuk man, granddaughter reach settlement in human rights complaint against BMO

- Drugs, gold and silver seized from Vancouver, Victoria homes in trafficking investigation involving FBI

- Group suing Dr. Bonnie Henry can move forward with class-action case

- Windowless room barely larger than a twin mattress renting for $750 a month in downtown Vancouver

- On #WorldPressFreedomDay, I would like to remind all that in 2014, Justin Trudeau accepted donations to the Trudeau Foundation from CCP officials, putting him into a conflict of interest.

- LILLEY: PM Justin Trudeau's disinformation campaign more worrisome than F-bomb

- While Canadians Struggle, Trudeau Government Giving $42,000 Raise To Pro-Liberal Senate Group Head

- Canadians' trips to liquor stores, pharmacies tracked via phones during pandemic


- Musk Wants Answers: 'Where Is Their "Client" List? Shouldn't at Least One of Them Go Down!?'

- Trudeau quotes his father after Conservative MP alleges he 'dropped an F'bomb' in Parliament

- Canada Post posts $490 million loss in 2021

- These two Burnaby restaurants saw a profit turnaround but one of them may still close

- Missed breaks, low pay: CATSA staff speak out over conditions at Canadian airports

- BC Hydro's anti-gas meme childish and out of line, say local MLAs

- Rex Murphy: The Roe leak wouldn’t matter to us if Canada had its own legal system

- Conservatives accuse PM Trudeau of uttering expletive in heated House exchange

- Military dealing with gap in search and rescue services due to procurement delay

- EDITORIAL: Where are the parents?!

- Pfizer coronavirus vaccine revenue is projected to hit $26 billion in 2021 with production surge

- Biden says MAGA ‘most extreme’ group in recent US history, warns gays may face segregation

- Crowdfunding platforms now required to report transactions, after truck convoy protests

- LILLEY: Trudeau doesn't really believe people should have a choice in medical decisions

- Canadian shoppers shift to discount stores, No Name brand amid high inflation: Loblaw

- Doctor With Contrarian Views on Pandemic Policy Approach Gets Licence Suspended

- Liberals bury Senate rule changes, pay raises for some caucus leaders, in budget bill


- Starbucks Canada is increasing employee wages, improving benefits

- Travellers face 30-hour waits at Vancouver passport office

- Wait time at B.C. Children’s Hospital emergency department exceeds nine hours over weekend

- Former Vancouver airport screener says she quit over poor working conditions, low pay

- Steven Guilbeault says government hasn't decided what to do with carbon tax after 2030

- Mass shootings caused by 'masculinity,' says report commissioned by Nova Scotia inquiry

- Canada Post union loses arbitration case on mandatory vaccines, which 1,200 workers refused

- Battle over secret CRA tax deal divided staff, launched complaints, documents show

- Cannot Explain Kabul Flight

- Canada & The United States Are Different Countries

- LAU: Trudeau government peddles junk climate science, junk economics

- Surveillance aircraft over Ottawa during 'Freedom Convoy' protest operated by Canadian special forces, DND confirms

- Justice Roberts 'likely' to order FBI investigation into Roe draft opinion leak


- Liberal proposal to allow midnight Parliament sittings faces pushback

- Here's how much it costs to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Metro Vancouver this May

- The Trudeau Liberals’ ‘clear overreach’ to control the internet: Full Comment with Anthony Furey

- N.B. man faces 14 additional charges after allegedly pointing a gun at RCMP officer

- Burnaby company that just hired 60 new workers gets $10M from the feds

- The key minerals in an EV battery

- Unviable business climate prompts Vancity Sports to leave Vancouver

- Woman says she was scammed almost $7K by fake taxi operation in Richmond, B.C.

- Pattie Lovett-Reid: Why is real estate so expensive in Canada?

- Canada’s health care system is crumbling at the worst possible time

- How the Nova Scotia mass shooter smuggled guns into Canada

- Drone carrying bag of handguns from United States to Canada intercepted by tree

- Excerpt: How WE Charity says it became a victim of Trudeau Liberals' errors

- Almost $6M in Freedom Convoy money captured as months-long injunction ends

- AGAR: The constant disparaging of conservatives has to stop

- LILLEY UNLEASHED: Trudeau still pushing for secrecy inside his government

- Pfizer Documents Produced by the FDA in FOIA Litigation

- Rex Murphy: Pierre Poilievre's appeal is fuelled by Trudeau's never-ending sanctimony

- Fredericton university student remembered as a 'fabulous' force


- VGH and UBC Hospital foundation buys Vancouver property for $100 million

- Anti-capitalism protest turns violent against Montreal police

- California just shy of 100% powered by renewables for first time

- Mendicino vows to work with Emergencies Act commissioner, but won't commit to sharing cabinet secrets

MAY 2022


- How the Vancouver Special, once described as bland, holds a key to solving B.C.'s housing crisis

- Moderna Montreal factory will make Canada an mRNA 'leader,' says Trudeau

- Surrey mosque incident not 'racially motivated hate crime,' RCMP say

- Conrad Black: Let the baseless attacks against Poilievre begin!

- Covid 19: Government releases social media 'listening reports'

- GUNTER: Liberals continue to spread falsehoods about the convoy

- UPDATE: Ottawa police begin arresting Rolling Thunder demonstrators


- Surrey woman will wait in line for your passport renewal, for a fee

- 63% of Canadian non-owners have ‘given up’ on ever buying a home: Ipsos

- Elon Musk says the far left ‘hates everyone, themselves included’

- Ottawa police arrest 7, tow vehicles on Day 1 of weekend rally

- “Environmental Racism”: Guilbeault Now Fusing Identity Politics & Climate Policy

- Rex Murphy: Please prove me wrong about this farce of an inquiry into the Emergencies Act

- Bill Maher rips Twitter for flagging Babylon Bee amid Elon Musk takeover: 'You do need a new sheriff'

- John Ivison: Trudeau government ponders national handgun ban
- FLASHBACK: New disinfo board head said executive branch shouldn’t have the power to determine fake news


- It ‘didn’t cross my mind’ Trudeau could have been investigated for fraud over Aga Khan trip, former ethics commissioner says

- Vancouver's empty stores tax doesn't get to root of the problem, say opponents

- RCMP officers quit after being asked to arrest national security target with no details, report says

- Michael Taube: Trudeau may have avoided an RCMP fraud charge, but Conservatives should not let him off the hook

- (LOL) Unvaccinated people increase risk of COVID-19 infection among vaccinated: study

- Hamilton will move ahead with plans to terminate unvaccinated employees next month

- Ottawa Police Services Board approves as many as 800 RCMP reinforcements for 'Rolling Thunder' rally

- Russia bans entry to nearly 600 Canadians including Trudeau, Freeland

- Calgary man pleads guilty to terrorism charges after fighting as ISIS sniper in Syria

- Libs demand 19 months to provide docs on Freeland's WEF relationship


- Canada's working-age population is older than ever, StatsCan says

- False Convoy Claim Repeated

- Woman in Surrey spends 12 hours in passport line ‘for nothing’

- Canadians Took Out $2 Billion In HELOC Debt Over Just 28 Days, Most Since 2012

- Over 800 RCMP officers approved to aid Ottawa police ahead of motorcycle convoy

- Rex Murphy: What the Emergencies Act inquiry will likely (not) reveal

- RCMP surprised by New Brunswick's concerns about top cop

- Vancouver mayor proposes empty store tax as vacancy rates surge

- Rupa Subramanya: Why is Canada dragging its feet on getting back to normal from COVID?

- Convoy organizer Tamara Lich to receive George Jonas Freedom Award

- Four protesters arrested after blocking major intersection on Vancouver-Burnaby border

- Fake taxi driver in Richmond bilks seven victims of hundreds of dollars

- Russia doubles fossil fuel revenues since invasion of Ukraine began

- Conservatives call on RCMP to take another look into Trudeau's 2016 Aga Khan trip

- Liberals propose temporary new power to adjourn House 'without notice' and revive late-night sittings

- EDITORIAL: Trudeau is not above the law

- Liberals plan committee to review secret lab documents -- with or without Tories

- Elon Musk receives multiple death threats after purchasing Twitter


- Statistics Canada data debunks claims that border blockades impacted trade

- The economic nightmare that wasn’t? Border blockades had little effect on trade, data reveals

- Two B.C. fugitives added to the list of Canada’s most wanted

- Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich to get award

- Government had no choice but to invoke Emergencies Act, Liberal ministers tell committee

- John Ivison: Emergencies Act inquiry is designed to find just what the Liberals want


- COVID-19 vaccine can elicit a distinct T cell-dominant immune-mediated hepatitis

- Feds refuse to disclose justification for Emergencies Act

- Trudeau faces backlash in House over inquiry into Aga Khan trip

- Government calls inquiry into use of Emergencies Act against Truckers

- BREAKING: IT'S OFFICIAL! Elon Musk buys Twitter

- Trudeau traveled 50,000 km by plane in past 7 weeks to talk carbon emissions

- FUREY: The inquiry is about holding Trudeau to account, not the convoy


- Trudeau’s Canadian Fascism Is a Bigger Threat to America Than Putin

- SIMS: Feds still studying home equity tax

- The standard home in Canada now costs twice as much as in the U.S. A plan to rein in the ‘stunning’ boom is a test for both housing markets

- Trudeau flew over 50,000km in the past seven weeks to talk carbon emissions

- 10 Leading Causes of Death, United States

- SNC-Lavalin affair - Britannica


- Trudeau government targets grain growers as worst emissions offenders

- B.C. studio, one-bedroom apartments the most expensive per square foot

- 2 old-growth logging protesters charged over Vancouver Island highway blockade

- Trudeau government targets grain growers as worst emissions offenders

- Twitter bans ads that deny climate change

- Former Guantanamo Bay detainee sues Canada for $35 million over 14-year imprisonment

- RCMP monitored Conservative media after leaked anti-Convoy messages

- Wikipedia deletes entry for Hunter Biden investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners

- LILLEY: Beer now a culture war battle in Conservative leadership race

- Ottawa cites cabinet confidentiality over decision to invoke Emergencies Act, court filing shows


- Toronto brewery distances itself from Poilievre after event, is that commonplace?

- Freeland stays in wrong city for climate conference, drops over $3,000 on luxury chauffeur service

- COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?

- Freeland stays in wrong city for climate conference, drops over $3,000 on luxury chauffeur service

- Discussion Document: Reducing emissions arising from the application of fertilizer in Canada's agriculture sector

- SHOCK: RCMP cover up after leaked messages bragging about trampling convoy protesters

- If The Establishment Wants People To Stop Criticizing The Bank Of Canada, The Bank Of Canada Should Stop Getting Things Wrong

- Ottawa cites cabinet confidentiality over decision to invoke Emergencies Act, court filing shows

- Trudeau appoints another Liberal Party donor as judge

- LILLEY: Trudeau hid public criticism of his online censorship plan

- EXCLUSIVE: RCMP monitored journalists, scrubbed social media accounts after leaked messages of cops bragging about trampling convoy protesters

- Housing crisis: Vancouver falls short of being family-friendly

- Vancouver Has The Least Affordable Housing Market In Canada & It's Now Impacting All Of BC

- Rex Murphy: Attempts to colour-code politics don't belong in Canada

- LILLEY: Trudeau celebrates Earth Day in true Liberal fashion -- by flying across country


- Trudeau burns the jet fuel, flying equivalent of three trips around the Earth over past 10 months

- Netflix cancels multiple shows amid huge subscriber loss

- Ottawa feared repeat of 2020 rail blockades before B.C. pipeline arrests last fall, documents show

- Old-growth logging protesters dragged off road by frustrated drivers after blocking major bridge

- Winnipeg man in custody after gun incident at shopping mall

- ‘Living in pain’: Canadians travel across the world to avoid surgery backlog

- An old clip of Justin Trudeau saying he can't do simple math is making rounds (VIDEO)

- Chris Selley: Roxham Road is back in business, and Canada is already out of ideas

- Ottawa struggled to block unvaccinated from accessing EI benefits: documents

- Canadian military getting advanced spy planes in $247-million deal

- Trudeau burns the jet fuel, flying equivalent of three trips around the Earth over past 10 months

- Carson Jerema: Inflation and the official Liberal plan to make life more expensive

- 'Frankly unacceptable': About 70,000 farmers and teachers' tax returns frozen as tax credits stuck in Parliament


- Chris Selley: Even in downtown Toronto, Pierre Poilievre's 'freedom' message resonates

- Tougher gun rules to thwart B.C. gang violence in works, says federal safety minister

- Rex Murphy: The United States is adrift and Joe Biden is no captain

- LILLEY: Skyrocketing inflation will only go higher but Trudeau still fails to act

- Myocarditis Higher With Moderna COVID Vax in Young Men

- Canadian Inflation Hits Highest Growth In 31 Years, Experts See Interest Rates Surging

- Abbotsford police searching for man after two alleged gunpoint robberies

- 'Freedom Convoy' leader Tamara Lich appears in court seeking new bail conditions

- The crowd goes wild when Pierre Poilievre mentioned defunding the CBC during an event in Toronto

- WATCH: Trudeau receives vulgar goodbye from New Brunswick resid

- Quebec judge bans father from taking son to protests against COVID-19 health orders


- Lithium costs a lot of money—so why aren’t we recycling lithium batteries?

- Canada Is the World’s Largest Prison

- Vancouver is the third least-affordable city in the world: Survey

- B.C. teacher gets 10-year ban after trying to pursue romantic relationships with multiple students after graduation: agreement

- At least 20% of Canadian MPs hold rental, investment real estate amid housing crunch – Global News

- Canada wide warrant issued for arrest of shooting suspect

- “Relentless” low supply, high demand to drive Vancouver home prices up 15% this year

- Rex Murphy: You could drive an 18-wheeler through our Charter of Rights and Freedoms

- Rupa Subramanya: Smearing Pierre Poilievre because many of those at his rallies are white is itself racist

- Ottawa to maintain mask requirement for travellers after U.S. drops rule: transport minister

- “Canada is moving in the right direction,” Guilbeault lauds lockdowns for cutting emissions

- NEWS BC to attract foreign nurses, will not allow unvaccinated to return to work

- Ottawa convoy protest leader charged with perjury, obstruction of justice


- Canada-wide arrest warrant issued for ‘armed and dangerous’ suspect in Surrey, B.C. shooting

- Can Canada really afford the ships and jets that the military has bought?

- LILLEY: Trudeau government screws up on cheap flights for Canadians

- Canada has three 'embassies' in Moscow, and spends millions of rubles on their upkeep

- Posthaste: Canadians are already feeling the pinch of rising debt payments

- 31% of Canadians don't earn enough to pay their bills: Survey

- Canadian Real Estate Prices Are Growing Over 10x The Rate of Incomes

- City Council agrees on need to improve Chinatown public safety, but not free parking

- LILLEY: Premiers call for health funding, Trudeau offers more talks

- How much COVID-19 vaccine is Canada throwing out? Secrecy surrounds the real answer


- Woman injured after being pushed onto tracks at Toronto subway station


- A Typical Canadian Mortgage Went From Less Than $300k to Over $600k In Five Years

- Five men attacked in drive-by shooting near Scarborough mosque during Ramadan: police

- 'Dark days indeed': Vancouver video rental store closing after 26 years of business

- 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan – Canada’s Next Steps for Clean Air and a Strong Economy

- 2030 EMISSIONS REDUCTION PLAN Canada’s Next Steps for Clean Air and a Strong Economy PDF

- Rex Murphy: What right does the government have to judge Rebel News?


- Video evidence shows chaotic sequence that led to B.C. mother’s death

- Opinion: ‘McLovin’ wannabe tries to fool Burnaby cops with fake driver’s licence

- Daily poll: Do you support an increase in Vancouver's Empty Homes Tax?

- Twitter Board Approves ‘Poison Pill’ After Musk’s $43 Billion Offer to Buy Company

- Douglas Todd: Trudeau's crackdown on real-estate investors won't work. Here's why.

- AIR TRUDEAU: COFFEE, TEA OR CARBON? More climate hypocrisy from jet-setting Liberals


- FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused Immunosuppression

- Rex Murphy: Flashbacks of the truckers' protest are 'haunting us still'

- How Much Radiation is Emitted by Popular Smartphones?

- Kelly McParland: Steven Guilbeault finds himself the Liberal front man for a Canada awash in oil revenues

- Canada Post suspends delivery in Downtown Eastside due to ‘health and safety’ concerns

- Bail review for convoy organizer Pat King abruptly adjourned

- U.S. man arrested after crossing B.C. border with loaded handguns

- LILLEY: Trudeau Liberals swear they won't tax pickup trucks. Don't believe them

- Biden shakes hands with thin air after North Carolina speech


- Roughly one-third of Liberal cabinet ministers own rental, investment real estate: records

- Visualizing the Distribution of Household Wealth, By Country

- National Muslim charity launching legal challenge of CRA audit, calling it Islamophobic

- LILLEY: Trudeau a climate hypocrite and his carbon footprint proves it

- Settlement services offered to Ukrainians arriving at three airports in Canada

- Rupa Subramanya: Pierre Poilievre is popular for a reason

- SIMS: Trudeau is planning a tax on trucks


- FIRST READING: Canadians now seem to be tearing down statues for no reason

- Thousands still on unpaid leave as Liberals late updating federal public service vaccine mandate: unions

- Police focus on van renter in Brooklyn subway shooting probe

- Multiple-property holders own upwards of 41 per cent of housing in some provinces: StatCan


- Here is how much it costs to rent in each Vancouver neighbourhood this April

- Be careful what you sign: Ontario man fighting for home after private mortgage gone wrong

- Sky-high home prices in Canada are ‘intergenerational injustice,’ Freeland says

- John Ivison: Ottawa is buying armoured vehicles for Ukraine, but they won’t be enough

- Rex Murphy: Pierre Poilievre draws rock star crowds of people tired of Trudeau

- Accused 'Freedom Convoy' leader Tamara Lich hires Lawrence Greenspon as defence lawyer

- Neptune just experienced an unexplained temperature shift

- Minister Anita Anand to Make an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Announcement


- 'There's nothing like it': Beloved Vancouver brunch spot closes after 25 years

- Young Canadians avoid home buying, see wealth fall for first time since pandemic started: StatCan

- ‘I’m cashing out’: Burnaby house owners rush to sell as price benchmark hits $2M

- Police identify man killed in weekend shooting downtown

- ‘My lungs hurt': Vancouver SkyTrain car pepper sprayed

- Freeland's budget leaves out a number of major Liberal campaign promises

- Canadian pastor who was jailed for 51 days after speaking to trucker convoy alleges mistreatment in prison


- Conrad Black: Government has no business in the bank accounts of the nation

- Trying to buy a microSD card proved to me that Amazon is becoming a scammers' paradise

- Bittersweet farewell: Vancouver chocolatier to close Robson Street location after 41 years

- Parker Donham: The hot mess that is the inquiry into a murder spree and the RCMP response